Peter Parker’s bedroom Will Be Shown In ‘Civil War’

Peter Parker’s bedroom has been put together for a set in Captain America: Civil War. What does this mean?

Nothing is entirely secret anymore when it comes to new film projects. We know about the cast, writers, directors, and almost everything involved in a movie before it goes into production. Today we’ve learned about some props that have been rented to feature in Captain America: Civil War. Precisely, a desk and a chair.

In an NBC news article where they introduce prop houses around Atlanta, the manager of Warner Brothers Property Department Atlanta, Nikki Giovachinni, shows several props from recent movies like Vacation or TV series like Constantine and includes “Peter Parker’s bedroom furniture from Captain America: Civil War“. In the article you can even see a blurry picture. Fascinating, right?

Peter Parker's bedroom

There has been much speculation about Spidey’s role in Civil War and Tom Holland’s screen time, and it seems that we might not only be seeing the superhero in full costume, but also the teenager in his normal environment.

In their article about this news, Cinema Blend mention a number of possible scenes that could be set in Peter Parker’s bedroom, from Nick Fury’s recruitment to another Ant-Man fight. Not long ago we talked about the rumored sides of this “civil war”, so having that in mind, I imagine Tony Stark making a surprise visit to have a chat with Peter and discovering first hand how much they have in common as science nerds.

What would you like to see happen in Peter Parker’s bedroom?

Elisabeth S. Contreras
Elisabeth S. Contreras
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