Paramount Quietly Removes ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Sequel From Their Schedule

While nobody was looking, Paramount stealthily removed a Terminator: Genisys sequel from its upcoming release schedule. The potential sequel was replaced by the big-screen adaptation of Baywatch, which might have more depth and charm than any new Terminator film.

Exhibitor Relations, who also noticed the Fantastic Four sequel was taken off FOX’s schedule, pointed out the absence of a new Terminator: Genisys… 2, or whatever ridiculous title it would have, on their Twitter feed:

This despite the claim from Skydance a few months back that the sequel – the second part of this new trilogy – was a sure thing. When Genisys did boffo numbers in China’s market it did seem like we were going to be beaten down by another failed entry into the franchise.

Paramount may have saved us from the machines.

The Terminator franchise has five entries thus far and only two good movies. It should have quit 25 years ago, and it’s time to move on to new ideas and new franchises. Until the Terminator reboot comes along.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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