Our 10 Favorite Issues From ‘DC: Rebirth’

If you haven’t been able to tell, the comic review team at Monkeys Fighting Robots has been enjoying the results of DC Comic’s Rebirth very much. In celebration of this event we have decided to give (in no particular order) our favorite issues from the new direction DC Comics took.

Nightwing #16


Writer Tim Seeley has completely revitalized the characterization of Dick Grayson. This series has been a return to form, reigniting the passion that fans have always had with the character. Nightwing is very important to Batman and DC faithful alike. The success of this series is a crucial sign of DC Rebirth’s appeal.

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New Superman #9


Artist Viktor Bogoanovic has done wonders in bringing New Super-Man to life. Every new character and environment is very much it’s own. Combining with Mike Spicer’s color, the series has had an infectious and light tone. One that also doesn’t lose its dramatic effectiveness. The action is exciting and colorful every issue.

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Aquaman #1


But, what this series does best is that it establishes the character of Arthur Curry in a unique and accessible way. The Rebirth specials seem to be a way for readers to orient themselves with the basics of the characters in order to understand them and their upcoming series better. All this book does is give a window into who Aquaman is, and he essentially a character who can take it. He’s hated and mocked by both of his worlds, but he always lets roll of his shoulders and keeps on fighting the good fight for the benefit of both his worlds.

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Action Comics #957

Action Comics

All the characters feel like how they should feel. The best parts are when Luthor is speaking to the public about his new role as Superman. There’s something so loveable about how despicable he is in his actions. Even though he’s doing the right thing, it seems like he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons. Lois and Jonathan are handled great, Superman feels like how he should feel, and it’s awesome to see Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Maggie Sawyer in a Superman comic. The action in the series is fast, and grabs the reader’s attention.

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Batman #23


I’d been waiting months to read this issue, and what a payoff! Swamp Thing is one of my favorite characters, and teaming him with Batman usually makes for one of the best “odd couple” pairs in comics. This issue continues that great tradition with one of the best team-ups between the two I have ever read. This is pretty much a perfect “done-in-one” issue of comic book storytelling, and a master class in capturing the essence of a character. Read on for 11 reasons Batman #23 is without a doubt a must read this week!

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Blue Beetle #6

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is delivering one of the best classic and pure comic book storytelling experiences available today. Old school funny book fans, and new school DC Rebirth readers, pick this up, sit back, and just ENJOY reading a comic book.

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Titans: Rebirth #1

Out of all the books being launched as part of DC Rebirth, this was the book I was most excited for. Not only did its creative team have an amazing body of work, but it was to feature the return of the original Titans; one of my favourite teams. This issue does what Titans comics do best, focusing on the relationships between the Titans as they each re-awaken to their past with Wally West; the former Kid Flash. It is done very well, giving a whistle-stop tour of the team’s history and their dynamics. Nothing major is revealed about the mysterious manipulator behind the curtain, but this series would appear to be the linchpin of the Watchmen meta-narrative.

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Hellblazer #1


What’s fascinating about him is that he’s an outsider in a community of outsiders. This series pitches the comic’s premise to the reader through a subtle fourth wall break. It may not fit the character’s previous adventures, but the content of his speech and the attitude it demonstrates is pure Constantine. Fans of The Dresden Files will instantly see a bit of what inspired their favourite wizard-PI in John Constantine.

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Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #8

Hal Jordan

This is just what the doctor ordered. A great issue about two factions coming together to stop a powerful force they wouldn’t be able to take down alone. A great analogy for two sides which may not see eye to eye but can become united under the idea of moving forward and working together for a better tomorrow. A lot of people could learn a lesson from the message in this issue and it may help to give everyone the ray of hope which is desperately needed right now.

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Flintstones #7


The Flintstones was not only one of the greatest comic books to come out of the DC’s line of comics based on Hanna-Barbera characters, but it was also one of the best books of the previous year period. If you haven’t taken the time to read this book, the latest issue is a perfect way to get a sense of what this book has to offer. You’ll have a gay old time.

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What were your favorite issues from DC’s reboot? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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