Review: ‘Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps’ #8: Corps Stand Together

BOTTLED LIGHT” part one! The Green Lantern Corps may be back up and running, but how will they protect the universe with the Sinestro Corps as partners? Plus, what happened to Hal Jordan—and who can bring him back from beyond?


With the first arc of this series wrapped up, there is a lot of new material to address. Hal is missing, the Green Lantern Corps is united, and there are a few Sinestro Corps members who never really believed what Sinestro was serving up. It’s a lot to take in all at once but happens in a which flows nicely and doesn’t feel rushed.

Writer Robert Vendetti is on fire with this issue. On top of the impressive new storyline he has unfolding he also works to bring back some classic characters, have some great moments, and even bring back some individuals which have been lost for a while. For those thinking he wasn’t ready with a good follow up to the first storyline, you’ll find he knows exactly what he is doing.



The sprawling visuals in this issue are very impressive. Ethan Van Sciver’s artwork mixed with Jason Wright’s colors is truly sight to behold. The best part of the issue comes from a particular two page spread which cannot be talked about in detail because doing so would diminish the overwhelming excellence which comes from seeing it first hand. It’s the kind of image you wish you could get a print of and be able to hang it on the wall.


This is just what the doctor ordered. A great issue about two factions coming together to stop a powerful force they wouldn’t be able to take down alone. A great analogy for two sides which may not see eye to eye but can become united under the idea of moving forward and working together for a better tomorrow. A lot of people could learn a lesson from the message in this issue and it may help to give everyone the ray of hope which is desperately needed right now.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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