REVIEW: Action Comics #957

Action Comics is a legacy title. Since its inception with the debut of Superman in the thirties, the comic line has been apart of American tradition. Thousands of comics fans were heartbroken when the numbering restarted at issue 1 with The New 52. However, Rebirth has finally given DC Comics a chance to start-up the original numbering again. The comic line is back along with the original Superman.

Comic writing titan Dan Jurgens helms the new tales of the old Superman as he and his family in Action Comics. Lois and their son Johnathan are trying to live a normal life with Clark, but of course nothing is ever normal. After Clark sees that Lex Luthor is parading around as a new Superman he springs back into action. A big battle ensues between the classic enemies in downtown Metropolis.

All the characters feel like how they should feel. The best parts are when Luthor is speaking to the public about his new role as Superman. There’s something so loveable about how despicable he is in his actions. Even though he’s doing the right thing, it seems like he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons. Lois and Jonathan are handled great, Superman feels like how he should feel, and it’s awesome to see Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Maggie Sawyer in a Superman comic. The action in the series is fast, and grabs the reader’s attention.

Unfortunately the book is not without some faults. There so much going on, and so many plot developments happen so quickly that it feels like the book skipped over a few pages. No spoilers here, but it just seems like the comic should have been a bit more simple. It feels like this issue should have been more set up than action. This isn’t to say that the book is bad by any means, but rather that it’s a little convoluted for a first issue in this series.

Hopefully this will change, and the series will pick up some more momentum as it goes on. It just had a bit of a rocky start. The comic does raise a lot of good questions though. So many new ideas, and twists happen that it’s going to be hard to wait two weeks for the next issue. The ending scene certainly will excite a lot of fans. Patrick Zircher’s artwork is dynamic and colorful, the dialogue is great, and overall it is an exciting reintroduction to the Man of Steel and his original comic series. Action Comics is certainly a book to look out for.

Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist writes opinion pieces and reviews of comic books, movies, and TV shows for Monkeys Fighting Robots.