New Super-Man Comes To America

New Super-Man has quietly been one of the DC Rebirth’s strongest titles. Writer Gene Luen Yang has been turning teenage bully, Kenan Kong, into one of the most compelling young superheroes. This week the series reaches its ninth issue, as New Super-Man comes to America.

In the middle of investigating the murder of his mother, Kenan Kong is plucked from China by none other than Lex Luthor. He and his mentor travel to America in order to assist him with a superhuman dilemma.

New Super-Man 9 cvr

Luthor’s complex is being spied on by a Mandarin-speaking speedster. In addition to seeking his help, Lex also offers Kenan a solution to his lack of control over his powers.

Everything about the Justice League Of China has been extremely fun. Super-Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman of China are all splendid takes on their American counterparts. Hopefully Kenan won’t be away from his team for too long, but it’s exciting to have him in American Superman scenarios for now.

In Kenan’s absence, Batman debuts his partner Robinbot. Another delightful addition to the cast Gene Luen Yang has been creating. Along with this new speedster and her compatriots, New Super-Man is full of fresh characters.

New Super-Man 9 Robinbot

Yang deserves so much more attention for how entertaining this series has been. It’s a different take on the superhero genre littered with healthy twists and turns. Every chapter so far has oozed effectively charming personality.

Kenan Kong is a welcome addition to DC Comics and Superman family alike. The short interaction he had with Clark in Multiplicity was wonderful. Readers should be in for a joyous experience as Kenan’s relationship with his namesake develops.

Kenan’s developing relationship with his new mentor is quickly becoming the heart and soul of this book. There’s been plenty of comedy bits in the young series, but the banter between these two pushes it to a hilarious new level.

New Super-Man 9 pg

Artist Viktor Bogoanovic has done wonders in bringing New Super-Man to life. Every new character and environment is very much it’s own. Combining with Mike Spicer’s color, the series has had an infectious and light tone. One that also doesn’t lose its dramatic effectiveness. The action is exciting and colorful every issue.

New Super-Man #9 is a perfect jumping on point for new readers. The series is also still young enough to quickly catch up on. Every comic book fan should be reading this series; it’s too good to continue flying under the radar.

New Super-Man 9 pg2

Have you been reading New Super-Man? Is Robinbot your new favorite Robin? Let us know in the comments below.

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