The hefty box-office success and average critical reception to Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on The Orient Express has prompted the green lighting of a new Hercule Poirot adventure, Death on The Nile.

Like Murder on The Orient Express, Death on The Nile is a remake of the Agatha Christie movie adaptation. Orient Express was a Sidney Lumet film, Nile was a 1978 John Guillerman film with Peter Ustinov replacing Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot. This time around, however, Branagh will reprise his role as the super sleuth with the super mustache.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the sequel from the Hollywood Reporter article:

Death on the Nile, first published in 1937, saw the detective on a vacation in Egypt and becoming involved in a love triangle gone murderously bad. The novel once again featured socialites, social climbers and high society’s help in the cast.

It makes sense to have another go round with Branagh’s Poirot universe, as Murder on The Orient Express should cross $200 million before it leaves theaters. That’s not bad on a $55 million budget.

Aside from Branagh returning, screenwriter Michael Green will return to pen this adaptation as well. Obviously there’s no information regarding the potential cast, which should be a fun mixture of stars once again.

Stay tuned for updates.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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