Noomi Rapace Not Returning for ‘Prometheus’ Sequel… What?

Noomi Rapace, one of the two survivors at the end of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, won’t be returning for the long-gestating sequel, Alien: Covenant.

This is a weird move for the sequel, as Rapace and Michael Fassbender’s droid, David, were the only survivors at the end of Prometheus. the sequel seemed set up for Rapace to be the new explorer, finding the origins of existence and whatnot. After that fizzled out and Scott said Rapace would have no more than a “small role” in the film (possibly being killed off in the beginning), he now tells The Playlist she won’t be returning at all.

This leaves the entire cast, save for Fassbender, entirely up in the air. It’s an odd move in a series of odd moves surrounding this sequel, which has a great deal of work to do just to recover from the original film. Prometheus was a beautiful film mired in illogical nonsense and poorly-drawn characters who made at least a dozen terrible decisions. The brightest cast member in the whole thing was Rapace. Her not returning for the sequel is disappointing.

There are a few people being considered to replace Noomi Rapace, or at least fill the void. Katherine Waterston, a standout from PTA’s Inherent Vice, has been circling the project for some time now. Filming will begin on Alien: Covenant this year with a scheduled release date of October, 2017.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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