New Look At Costumes From ‘Doctor Strange’ Showed Off At Comic-Con

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Courtesy of the official Marvel Entertainment Twitter account, we have a new image from San Diego Comic-Con International, giving us with a never before seen look at costumes from Doctor Strange. Check out the image below.

Doctor Strange is set to have a huge presence on Saturday in Hall H. We’ll likely be seeing a new trailer, along with a full cast panel.

“Before he met the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was an unlikable and egotistical neurosurgeon. Everything changes when a car accident limits Strange’s use of his hands, sending him on a maddening quest for a miracle cure. This origin story introduces the magical and mystical realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4.


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  1. Doctor strange was recently release movie, it’s a marvel comic which portrays super hero issues and making movies on comic . i love doctor strange concept and the movie is so amazing Benedict Cumbarbatch is an experience actor who act tremendously great in a movie with his costume and eye of agmotto 🙂

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