New Details Emerge About ‘Avatar 2’

In a recent interview with Variety, James Cameron revealed some new details about the plot of his upcoming sequel to the 2009 blockbuster Avatar. Cameron has previously stated that he plans to make four more films in the space saga, but has been wary of releasing any specific information about the flicks. However, during the interview Cameron said:

“The story line in the sequels really follows Jake and Neytiri and their children. It’s more of a family saga about the struggle with the humans.”

Avatar 2 sees Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver return to the world of Pandora. It was originally slated for release this year, but was recently pushed to Christmas 2018.When asked whether they would be able to finish in time for their new date, Cameron said:

“We haven’t moved that target yet, but we will if we need to. The important thing for me is not when the first one comes out but the cadence of the release pattern.”

He then added that he would like to see the subsequent films released as closely together as possible by saying that:

“If it’s an annual appointment to show up at Christmas, I want to make sure that we’re able to fulfill on that promise.”

Beyond Avatar’s slated 2018 release, the future sequels have approximate releases in 2020, 2022, and 2023. However, that might change if Cameron really intends to release the films within one year of each other.

Kris Solberg
Kris Solberg
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