Naruto Gets a Hollywood Movie

Naruto is quite the popular franchise. With an ever popular anime series, stage play, and plenty of (animated) movies. Another movie hopes to join those ranks, a distinctly different movie, live-action, American, Hollywood.

If that isn’t worrisome enough, Lionsgate, known nowadays for Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight, will be the studio responsible for it.

Naruto Poster
Apparently NOT the Last

And the director they’ve chosen, Micheal Gracey, has mostly done special effects, and has only directed one work, and we won’t see it until next year, so we’re not even sure what to expect from a directorial standpoint. (But hey, at least it’ll look nice… then again, so did The Last Airbender)

Naruto Director
The vision of this Hollywood x Naruto movie is in THIS man’s head

For many fans the first thought is “Dragon Ball Evolution.” Naruto, along with the Ghost in the Shell movie, have shared the same stigma as video-game adaptations. However, with a possibly bright future, perhaps things can change here as well?

Perhaps a little optimistic, but until further information we can at least not hate on it… guys? Hear me out… please?

Perhaps a big question on people’s mind it how the movie will adapt its source. We could get an origin story, but most of what makes Naruto is after they’ve gotten older, and that might hint at a million sequels adapting everything all over again.

An original story is a dangerous possibility, considering how often Hollywood fails to get even their own countries media, let alone some ‘Chinese cartoons.’

Naruto Character
Which of these Naruto’s should we expect?

It’s very unlikely that a specific arc would be adapted on its own, as filmmakers want their films to be as accessible as possible.

And there is no way squeezing the entire storyline into a single movie is probable, or even possible (regardless of the amount of filler removed).

Regardless, it will be interesting to follow the continuing production of this movie.

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