More Supercalifragilistic Music! New Mary Poppins in the works

Rob Marshall, director of Chicago and Into the Woods, is developing a new Disney musical featuring Mary Poppins with his life partner and producer John DeLuca and Marc Platt.

Platt has produced various films, from Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, and musicals like the aforementioned Into the Woods – which gave Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination – Nine (also produced by DeLuca) and the upcoming La La Land, starring Emma Stone, J.K. Simmons and Ryan Gosling.

Entertainment Weekly has learned some details about the new film, including the composers of its original music, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, both responsible for the Hairspray and Smash soundtracks, along with writer David Magee, who holds several major award nominations for his work in Finding Neverland and Life of Pi.

Mary Poppins

The original Mary Poppins was based on the first book in a series of eight from author P. L. Travers, who was recently portrayed by Emma Thompson in the acclaimed Saving Mr. Banks. According to EW:

The new Poppins film will take place in Depression-era London, some 20 years after Disney’s classic Mary Poppins, and will draw from existing Poppins tales in the rest of author P.L. Travers’ 1934-1988 children’s book series… The new project (which is decidedly not being developed as a sequel) will explore Mary’s further adventures with the Banks family and beyond as illustrated by Travers’ seven additional novels.

It’s been over fifty years since Julie Andrews played Mary Poppins in the big screen, when she was only 29. This time we’ll face an older Poppins, but probably not Andrews.

Who should play the new Mary Poppins?

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