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Paramount Pictures confirmed a report in Variety late Tuesday that Miles Teller had indeed been cast as the late Nicholas “Goose” Bradshaw’s son in Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise is returning to play Peter “Maverick” Mitchell who is now an instructor at the very flight academy where he enjoyed buzzing the tower. Teller seemingly confirmed the news yesterday on social media –

It had been long rumored that actor Glen Powell was in the running for the part. Some reports even had him being one of the finalists along with Teller and Nicholas Hoult for the role which may explain this tweet –

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Joe Kosinski (Only The Brave) is set to direct the highly anticipated sequel which marks the second time he’s worked with Teller. While Kosinski might feel more comfortable with Teller, he’s missing a golden opportunity by not casting Powell. If anyone were to take a photo of both actors and put it next to a picture of Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan (Edwards played Goose and Ryan was his wife in the first film), Powell easily looks like he’d be their son. Alas, common sense doesn’t often prevail when casting decisions are made in Hollywood.

Top Gun: Maverick

Returning for the sequel as well is Val Kilmer who will reprise his role as Tom “Ice Man” Kazansky. Top Gun: Maverick is slated to open in July of 2019.






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