Michael B. Jordan Is Eager To Train For ‘CREED II’

After CREED‘s first week of release, Ryan Coogler’s film is sitting at a $45 million box office take and a 92% on RottenTomatoes.

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With a modest $35 million budget, Warner Bros. is sure to greenlight a sequel.

The star of the film, Michael B. Jordan is eager to get back in the ring for CREED II. Jordan plays Apolo Creed’s son.

“A character so rich as this, and the world he’s in, I want to see what happens to him next and what he does. Especially the way it ends off, it’s pretty cool. I think with success and time and circumstances, it would be exciting to come back and work with (co-stars) Sly (Stallone) and Tessa (Thompson) again,” said Jordan to the Associated Press.

Sylvester Stallone or Coogler have yet to make a statement on their involvement in a sequel. CREED was a passion project for Coogler as he wrote and directed the film.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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