Monkeys Fighting Robots At The Miami International Film Festival

If you haven’t figured it out, one of the joys of working for sites like Monkeys Fighting Robots and spending days on end covering movies is the chance of going to special screenings at film festivals. One such festival is going down in my hometown starting Friday, March 3rd. The Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) is a 10-day long event that celebrates movies. A big part of the festival focuses on pictures from all the countries south of the United States like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina.

The Miami Film Festival began in 1984 under the direction of the Film Society of Miami. Thousands of films have screened over the years, and the festival is now an iconic part of the culture down here in the Magic City. Movies from filmmakers like Pedro Almodóvar, Luc Besson, Alfonso Cuaron, Spike Lee, and Paul Verhoeven graced festival screens at one point or another. Today, it’s run by Miami-Dade College and continues to host hundreds of movies and expose the works of great filmmakers.

Five Movies To Look For At
The Miami International Film Festival

Are We Not Cats


Ruggedly handsome Eli takes a one-time delivery gig that takes him to an unexpected place and into an unexpected relationship with Anya. Things are going to get hairy — literally — as Anya’s eccentric behavior and peculiar habits come to light. The debut film from writer/director Xander Robin is charming, gross, and weird but undeniably touching.

Handsome Devil


Young Ned seeks to master the art of the wallflower as he survives his sentence at boarding school. Surrounded by a macho culture, Ned befriends Connor, a rugby star with a secret. Only Ned knows Connor’s secret and the pair face questions of loyalty and staying true to yourself in the second feature from Irish filmmaker John Butler.

El Inca

inca-sports-movie-film festivalA biopic about Venezuelan boxer Edwin “El Inca” Valero. Banned in Venezuela, the story of the undefeated fighter is a storm of talent, excess, love, and self-destruction. From Valero’s beginnings, the charming man plows fearlessly into the ring and international success. As the record-setting boxer’s career blossomed, his inner demons became more dominant.

Citizen Jane: The Battle For The City

documentary-movie-citizen jane

In the 1970s, author Jane Jacobs changed the way society looks at urban living. Leading citizens in a movement against developer Robert Moss, Jacobs stopped a highway from destroying iconic neighborhoods in New York. Jacobs’ fight to save Little Italy, SoHo, and Greenwich Village serves as proof that standing up to powerful bullies isn’t a hopeless battle.

The Night My Mother Killed My Father


A murder-mystery with a hefty helping of comedy. Spanish director Inés París delivers an unpredictable and hilarious story of, Isabel, an actress who not only feels her best days are behind her but that they never came at all. Isabel unleashes a plan with her screenwriter beau, alcoholic producer, and comedian friend that she’s determined will make her a star.

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