Marvel Wants Female Director for “Black Widow” Stand Alone Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 with the film Iron Man.

Over the years we’ve been introduced to many male heroes, but very few female ones. One, in particular, can be seen in most of the films.

Scarlett Johansson has been portraying Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow for the MCU film franchise since 2010.

Black Widow is such a huge part of the franchise, you’d think she’d have her own film by now.

While Marvel has yet to announce a stand-alone film based on the character, things are already coming together.  Earlier this year Jac Schaeffer was hired to write the screenplay.

Her credits include the upcoming female-centered remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels titled The Hustle starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway.

Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige has expressed interest in making the film with a female director.

We know Scarlet Johansson will reprise her role, but who will direct it?  Reports are saying over 49 directors were interviewed, but it has been narrowed down to three.

Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland and indie filmmakers Amma Asante and Maggie Betts are the top candidates.

Indiewire reports, Shortland is best known for the films “Somersault,” “Lore,” and “Berlin Syndrome.” The latter, a psychological kidnapping thriller starring Theresa Palmer, played at Sundance 2017 and earned strong notices for Shortland’s direction. Asante is the British filmmaker behind indie favorites “Belle” and “A United Kingdom,” while Betts made her feature debut with last year’s acclaimed nun drama “Novitiate.”

Who do you think should get the gig? Sound off in the comments!

Parish Hodges
Parish Hodges
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