Lindsey Stirling Is ‘Brave Enough’ To Fiddle And Dance Her Way To Stardom

If there ever were a streaming service that knows its audience its YouTube Red. Netflix is going through a period of throwing spaghetti at the wall, and they certainly use nostalgia to their advantage. YouTube Red, however, takes a different approach. For starters, as a website with entirely user-generated content, they don’t need to go too far to understand what their audience likes. At 9.4 million subscribers, it’s clear that fans love violinist/dancer extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling. The entertainer turned 30 and celebrated her career with a documentary called Brave Enough. But is she interesting enough?

Quick answer: yes. Lindsey Stirling is something of a unique talent. There aren’t a lot of pop violinists making a living out there and even fewer who do it with Stirling’s wild dance moves and sense of performance. If you’ve never watched Stirling perform, then that’s reason enough to watch Brave Enough (or watch the video below). If the drama behind the stage isn’t exciting, then the look into her performances certainly will be.

Stirling’s Brave Enough doesn’t break any new ground here. However, it doesn’t need to. This doc is to service her fans and maybe create new ones. Stirling’s combination of violins, dancing, and modern beats, guitars, and more is all the groundbreaking that needs to be done. The young woman is in a category all by herself. Put it this way, outside of classical music nerds, who thinks the violin is a “cool” instrument? Few people. But thanks to Lindsey, there are nearly 10 million people who know it’s an incredible musical instrument.

The important message in Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough is about Lindsey overcoming the challenges that life throws at everyone. She had a talent and passion and let it drive her forward to meet life head on. When things got dark, talent and passion turned up the light, but it all didn’t happen with a lot of handwork along the way.

Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz
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