‘Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Gotham City Breakout’ Review

The Bat-Family Goes On A Vacation While Superman Babysits Gotham In This New Lego DC Movie

Imagine how hard it is to plan a surprise party for Batman. Ever wonder what Superman would do when he’s watching over Gotham? That’s the type of stuff you get to see in these Lego DC movies: fun self-aware nonsense with Lego effects.

In this adventure, Batman takes a stroll down memory lane while on vacation with Batgirl and Nightwing. Back in Gotham, Superman and the rest of the Justice League have to handle the mayhem that is Gotham City. We get to see moments like an awkward interaction with Commissioner Gordon and Superman as well as former “Robin” Nightwing getting called out for saying “Holy hole in the wall”. These Lego DC movies feel like parodies of the real DC universe. It’s a refreshing take on the brand that’s known for being too serious.

Lego DC

One of the high points of ‘Gotham City Breakout‘ was the story. For an animated Lego DC movie, we were treated to a great amount of fan service with a cohesive plot. The Bat-Family vacation gets interesting when they drop by to see an old mentor of Batman’s named Madame Mantis. Comics fans are treated to a new backstory where Deathstroke & Batman were trained together by Madame Mantis. This gives some interesting backstory to these two similar characters.

The other story was Superman having to watch over Gotham while Batman is out of town. Superman think he has it under control but he and the Justice League figure out why the Bat-family is always so busy. There’s all out villain mayhem when Joker bust out of jail and brings some evil friends along with him.

Voice acting was totally on point as well. Batman wasn’t voiced by Will Arnett like the future ‘Lego Batman movie but Troy Baker does a great job. The rest of the cast did well with Superman and newly created Madame Mantis being the highlights. Mantis voiced by Amy Hill has hilarious moments while Nolan North brings a dry humor to Superman, the straight man who deals with all this wackiness.

Lego DC Comics Superheroes- Justice League: Gotham City Breakout‘ has a July 12, 2016 release date for DVD and Blu-Ray. The film is also available now on Digital.

“Fighting crime is a full-time job and Batman NEVER takes a vacation. That is until he finally agrees to let Batgirl and Nightwing take him on a long overdue trip – leaving Gotham City under the watchful eye of the Justice League in LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Gotham City Breakout.”
-WB Animation

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