Latest RiffTrax Live Release, ‘Time Chasers,’ Is MST3K Classic

Earlier this year, KickStarter backers pledged more than $620,000 to help RiffTrax mount two live shows — one of which was the recent, much-lauded MST3K reunion. But the first, recorded earlier this year, is now available to stream or download on their site.


Time Chasers

Time Chasers, a low-budget sci-fi flick produced in the wilds of Vermont, was already riffed by Mike and the bots back in the days of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The movie tells the haunting story of Nick, a skinny physicist who builds a time machine using an airplane and a Commodore 64. Of course, an evil corporation gets involved, mistakes are made, feelings are hurt. Eventually, past and future versions of several characters end up running around a Revolutionary War battlefield.

The little-known indie soon became an MST3K classic, regularly making fan lists of the series’ all-time best episodes. Now it joins the likes of Santa Claus and Manos: The Hands of Fate — movies originally riffed on MST3K that have since become RiffTrax Live fodder.

You can purchase RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers to stream or download here.

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith is a writer and podcaster living in Denver. He is still angry at Fox for canceling "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."