Kevin Feige, Marvel Will Not Reboot Iron Man Films

The Sony hack has reached Marvel and now we can interpret what direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go.

Kevin Feige is the President of Marvel Studios and mastermind behind the MCU, some of his emails have surfaced following the Sony hack. As we all sadly know, Robert Downey Jr. can not play Tony Stark forever. There will come a time when another actor will take up the mantle of Iron Man and we now know what that film will be based on.

“In a million years I would not advocate rebooting the Iron Man MCU. To me it’s James Bond and we can keep telling new stories for decades even with different actors,” said Feige.

This second quote is why fans love the MCU and have absolute faith that they will put the best product in theaters. Marvel respects the audience.

“I think that is very risky thing to do with a movie audience following. Okay for comic books but I wouldn’t even do it with cartoon animation,” said Alan Fine.

When the time comes to cast a new Iron Man who would like to see? The earliest an Iron Man film would come out is late 2019 or the summer of 2020. That would put Downey at 55, Leonardo DiCaprio would be 45, Adrien Brody 46, Zac Efron 33, Gerard Butler 50, and Jamie Dornan 38.

Iron Man 4 – Summer 2020

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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