Jared Leto’s Joker Will Probably Not Have Tattoos

So, we are all (understandably) freaked out about the Hot Topic-inspired Joker picture that was released on Friday. Sure, there are a lot of ways to interpret the Joker, but Laughing Juggalo is probably something no one wanted. The production photos show no tattoos on Leto whatsoever. They could be added digitally later, but that would be time consuming, tedious, and wasteful. Usually any fake tattoos would be added during filming (see: Sons of Anarchy). Movie Pilot has released photos from production and a screencap of a Tweet from a Hollywood insider saying that the tattoos are not a part of the Joker’s look.

Gabriel Grey Tweet So, odds are, this is not the final photo of Jared Leto’s Joker we will see.


Sarah Yeazel
Sarah Yeazel
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