James Cameron Suckers Kate Winslet Into His ‘Avatar’ Universe

Somehow, some way, James Cameron has convinced Kate Winslet to join his ever-expanding, super-expensive Avatar universe. The guy must be one helluva sweet talker.

According to the report over at The Tracking Board, “Winslet will play a character named Ronal in the Avatar universe, though details of the character are being kept under wraps.” I bet she ends up being a blue Na’vi and she will tell John Dunbar that he should return to his people and leave the Sioux… sorry, wrong movie.

Of course, Kate Winslet and James Cameron worked together 20 years ago in Titanic, so perhaps they have a strong working relationship. That’s still not really an excuse for any of this to happen.

James Cameron is seriously going through with these Avatar sequels, fam. Sam Worthington has nothing else to do so he’s back on board, as is Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver. Although, didn’t she die in the first one? Does literally one person out there remember Weaver’s fate in the original.

Hopefully for Kate Winslet, her character will be killed off in Avatar 2. Otherwise she will spend the rest of her natural born days filming Avatar sequels.

Avatar 2 will be here in December of 2020. 2020! Only 11 years after the original slipped from our consciousness.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry is the managing editor for Monkeys Fighting Robots. The Dalai Lama once told him when he dies he will receive total consciousness. So he's got that going for him... Which is nice.