Is Daniel Craig Coming Back For Bond 25?

Will Daniel Craig reprise his role of James Bond for the upcoming film? Yes, yes he will!  The star went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote his new film Lucky Logan. Things turned to the upcoming Bond film and Craig confirmed the news of his returning.

“Yes. I couldn’t be happier. … I have to apologize to all the people I’ve done interviews with today, because I wanted to tell you.”

Cinema Blend reports, Craig apologized to fans of The Late Show for his game of hide and seek with the film press, and further explained just how long he’d known he was coming back. His answer, is, as follows:


“It’s been a couple of months.  We’ve been discussing, and we’ve just been tryng to sort of figure things out.  I always wanted to, i needed a break.”

This is the 25th film is the James Bond franchise and Craig’s fifth playing the titular character.

When asked about doing a 26th film he added, “This is it. I just want to go out on a high note, and I can’t wait.”

While the film hasn’t been named, it’s being referred to as Bond 25.  It will be written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

It has big shoes to fill, Skyfall, the 23rd film in the series grossed over $1 billion worldwide, while the 24th film Spectre released in 2015 made 880.7 million.

Bond 25 is scheduled to be out November 8, 2019.

Parish Hodges
Parish Hodges
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