Is A True Jimi Hendrix Biopic On The Way From Paul Greengrass?

Paul Greengrass and Legendary Entertainment have reportedly struck a deal with the Experience Hendrix Estate to produce a true Jimi Hendrix biopic. Jimi Hendrix films have been made before, but because of rights issues with his songs, Hendrix’s original songs have never been allowed.

Deadline reports that Greengrass and Legendary have secured the rights to Hendrix’s songs, opening the door to a legitimate biopic that covers the iconic musicians life and musical mythology. Scott Silver, screenwriter of 8 Mile and The Fighter, is set to pen the script.


Most recently, Andre Benjamin starred in a Jimi Hendrix biopic entitled All Is By My Side, and while the film was decent for the most part, the fact that the filmmakers had to tell a story about a rock musician without any of his songs hindered its overall effect. Greengrass is an interesting choice as musical biopics are not his forte, and he has another Bourne film to shoot before this biopic. Regardless, the anticipation of a true Jimi Hendrix biopic with an established filmmaker like Greengrass is an invigorating development.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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