MFR Interview: Kyle Sherrod, Composer of ‘Officer Downe’

Exclusive Interview With Composer Kyle Sherrod!

The composer of the new film ‘Officer DowneKyle Sherrod takes time to speak with Monkeys Fighting Robots about the wild film and his even wilder music.

Kyle Sherrod talks how he started in the industry and future projects. Sherrod also shares the surprising fact of how long he’s known director Shawn Crahan!

Check out the interview below:

Special shoutout to the singer of the ‘Officer Downe‘ theme song Scott E. Lemon!

And major thanks to Kyle for taking the time out to speaking with Monkeys Fighting Robots and I! You can follow him on Twitter @musicbykyle!

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Officer Downe‘ starring Kim Coates will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on Feburary 28th available through Amazon.

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