Idris Elba Co-Star Endorses James Bond ‘OO7’ Casting Possibility

Character actor Clifton Collins Jr. spoke with Matthew Sardo on the Monkey Fighting Robots podcast about his new HBO series Westworld and the conversation led to his Pacific Rim co-star Idris Elba and if Collins Jr. thought Elba would make a good James Bond.

“I think Idris would be a badass James Bond! I was bit taken back, I know his edgier work that he had done got him some visibility. Again, it just fascinates me, like when I did 187 it was very hard for me to do any none hard, street, thuggish type roles until years later. I think people forget that they are actors. If you listen to Idris it’s just so gentlemanly and regal. He’s one of the least street people I now. I was bit taken back and saddened, I though for sure the gentleman making the accusations would have some insight to the craft of acting. To say Idris can’t do it, if you listen to his interview his is very James Bond-ish,” said Collins Jr.

Collins Jr. makes some good points, only time will tell if Hollywood is ready for a James Bond of color.

Do you want to see Elba get the chance to play OO7? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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