Howl At The Supermoon With Six Great Werewolf Movies

The great mechanism that is the universe is treating us to a supermoon! You see, the lunar orbit isn’t a perfect circle like most images of it want us to believe. Every once in a while the moon is in a spot that makes it look colossal up in the sky. This is known as a supermoon and NASA explains it best here. In fact, this supermoon is the biggest one in 70 years!

As you step out throughout these nights to watch our one and only natural satellite look bigger and more mesmerizing than ever, keep these werewolf movies playing on the TV.

The Howling
– 1981

The Howling is a series of werewolf-themed horror movies that started in the early 80s and pumped out sequels all the way until 2011 with Howling Reborn. Although not a horror-comedy, Joe Dante’s The Howling features a lot of clever jokes for horror fanatics, particularly those into the werewolf genre of old. Jokes aside, The Howling is creepy, scary, bloody, and features some cool transformation effects sequences.

– 1981

1981 was a busy year for were-movies. Along with The Howling, Return of the Wolfman, and American Werewolf In London, theater goers were prowled by Wolfen. Smarter than your average genre film, Wolfen centers around a team of investigators trying to track down a serial killer. Little do they know that the murderer is a supernatural force that’s beyond imagination. A tense detective story unfolds before a cryptic ending leaves viewers looking over their shoulders.

Ginger Snaps
– 2000

Werewolves are typically an expression of the inner beast, and many stories present it from a male perspective. Ginger Snaps uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty in a film with two strong female leads. Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald are teenage sisters fascinated with death. Mortality takes on new meaning as one sister fights to save the other who is now a blood-thirsty monster.

Dog Soldiers
– 2002

A British film and the debut of director Neil Marshall, Dog Soldiers, is gritty werewolf action that does a lot with a simple story and setting. Dog Soldiers takes a group of fearless soldiers into the heart of a forest that’s unknowingly run by werewolves. The soldiers fight for their lives while mostly holed up inside a home. But werewolves are persistent when they’re hungry, and the soldiers might not make it until sunrise.

– 2013

A rare mix of character drama and were-horror, Wer centers on an attorney whose client may or may not be a werewolf. While the gimmick doesn’t last for long, Wer’s devolution into an action movie isn’t a bad thing. The film goes from creepy and tense to hectic and heart-pumping in the blink of an eye.

– 2014

“Destined for cult glory” is what Bloody Disgusting said about WolfCop It’s fairly self-explanatory, but just in case, I’ll explain. WolfCop follows Sergeant Lou Garou, an alcoholic, lazy cop who turns into a werewolf via occult means. Able to retain his human intelligence while in wolf form, Lou Garou (French for werewolf, btw) fights the mob in this action-comedy written and directed by Lowell Dean.

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