Geoff Johns States Two Themes To Be In the DCEU

On the heels of his recent promotion to co-head DC’s film division, Geoff Johns stated two themes he wants to add to the tone of the DCEU. Saying the brand needs hope and optimism, he will make these a focal point to future films.

In both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, these were anything but a part of the stories. Going directly against what the DC pantheon stands for in the comic books. Representing the finer qualities of what it means to be heroic and a person.

Even figures like Batman demonstrate the desire to rise above adversity and achieve greatness. The Dark Knight trilogy, which had a major influence on the current film franchise, carried messages of hope to reinforce why one should rise up after suffering horrendous setbacks and loses.

And it was even written by the same screenwriter as Batman v Superman.

This might make the previous entries of DC’s cinematic universe somewhat redeemable in that the upcoming Justice League film, slated for release next year, may convey the two themes in a manner that shows how despite terrible odds and sacrifices, there are still reasons to fight the good fight.

Geoff Johns, having a long and respected career with superheroes in the comic book and television medium, is already taking strides to rehabilitate the damage done by both Zack Snyder and David Goyer, both of whom have been accused by fans to not understanding what heroes like Superman represent.

As Youtube celebrity and comic book expert, Comic Book Girl 19, aptly put it in her review of BvS, Superman is the avatar of absolute power not corrupting absolutely. He represents how we should always strive to do good with our talents and abilities. Not some angst-ridden adult who mopes all day.

I’m eager to see how the DCEU will develop now that Geoff Johns is in his new position. And many are hoping this is a turning point for the franchise.


Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
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