Forget Wine Pairing: Craft Beer Taste Menus Are the Future

Wine pairing has been a cultural pastime for centuries, and the idea of mixing incredible food with alcohol is inherently flawless! Thanks to the recent boom in the craft beer industry not only the U.S. but all over the world, sommeliers are now creating carefully designed taste menus with craft beers.

You can create some incredible dining experiences at home or visit breweries that offer great grub in addition to decadent beers to get a taste of one of the latest and most beautiful of hipster food movements. While some matches are no-brainers, like cheeses and Belgian ales, others may surprise you by just how decadently they blend together.

Starting with desserts and main courses, because why not, chocolate and braised meats go incredibly well with velvety bocks and porters. The roasted flavor of the food is accentuated by the creamy texture and malty goodness of the beers. It’s a pretty fancy way to spice up your next snickers and stout dinner combo in front of the tube.


If you prefer lighter brews like IPAs and other ales, the fattiness of game birds and poultry detracts from the bitterness of pilsners while fruity saisons and summery German hefeweizens bring out the natural sweetness of shellfish and other fruits de mer.

Fancy jargon aside, any craft beer fan understands the complexity of creating a unique blend of flavors while maintaining the integrity of the classic beer taste. The variety of flavors across different brews from the hoppy goodness of pilsners to the sweet undertones of IPAs, therefore, can greatly enhance your dining experience if matched well enough.

Is there a better way to pay tribute to the glory and goodness of craft beer?

American craft beer week is just around the corner, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate this May. You can venture outside the States for Bavaria’s Oktoberfest, of the tropical Macau version at the MGM Grand where beer is paired with warm beaches and casino glitz. Of course, you can also just play casino games online at home while sipping on a fruity amber lager paired with some homemade pulled pork.

If you decide to stay in after all, you can find all the tools on how to take your beer and grub combos to a sophisticated new level in the following downloadable chart.


Don Draper
Don Draper
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