Idaho Drunken Horror Story: Food, Brews, and You

Pizza and Beer are by far the best combo that I have found. Food of any kind and beer is always a win. My question is, why are there so many breweries that don’t serve food?

There are several answers to this question: food permits are hard to get, beer makers only want to make beer, a kitchen expensive, and no space. If you’re reading this, at one time or another you’ve had too much beer and not enough food. That is never a good time.

Some of my favorite breweries offer a wide variety of food; Tin Man Brewing Company and Bennidito’s Brewpub. You can have a whole meal with your beer, and the more you drink, the more you will eat.

Gate Clock in the Dublin Airport

My problem is I don’t go anywhere to have one beer, it’s unnatural. My other problem, being a lightweight is also a thing.

Back in 2014, my fiancé and I did the Ale Trail, which I mentioned in a previous article. We found ourselves in Idaho, in December, in the dark. I wasn’t familiar with the area, my fiancé from Indiana had no idea as well. We stumbled on to a brewery, and after a few drinks, we realized they had no food. And it turns out, most Idaho breweries don’t serve food. They did have a pizza menu from a takeout joint in town, which is responsible, but that would require waiting longer than we wanted to stay. We made do with our pretzels until the sobriety set in. At that moment, the realization hit that food in breweries should be a necessity. It would help people stay sober as they do battle with craft beers.

Food trucks are becoming more and more common these days, spotted outside of bars and breweries alike. I’ve also found there is always a delivery service that will cater to your munchie needs. Pizza Hut, Jimmy Johns, and even random Chinese places will suffice. Even ordering ahead car side to go at Red Robin, or Applebees would be a wonderful thing. Most breweries welcome outside food, but you always want to ask first.

What are your thoughts, are you a brewery purist or would you prefer some tasty treats while you enjoy your ice-cold brewski?

Until next time beer snobs!


Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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