No-Li Brewing: Spokane’s First Brewery; My First Brewery

No-Li Brewing. Long live Spokane Craft Beer.

If you are familiar with the Pacific Northwest, you should know where Spokane, Washington is. No, it’s not Seattle, it doesn’t rain all the time, and the traffic isn’t nearly as bad. Spokane is in Eastern Washington. A good sized city, an up and coming movie hub, and it just so happens to be my hometown. Best part of Spokane? The beer. Just over the last five years or so, Craft Beer has really taken off in the area. New breweries are popping up all the time. So many in fact, that the “Ale Trail” has been born. Twelve breweries, a beer from each one, a stamp, and you have got yourself a grunt for going through all twelve. Unfortunately, it does cost extra to fill. My fiancé and I did it, in three days. You get as much time as you want.


No-Li Brewing was the first brewery in Spokane, born in 1993 under the name Northern Lights Brewery. In 2012, they opened the brewpub, sharing the love of beer and good food with all of the Spokanites.

No-Li was the first brewery I ever went to. After Lilac City Comic-con (formally known as Spokane Comic-con) I joined my artist Jeremy Whittington (I write comics too), and the awesome Stephen Sadoski, as well as other creators for an after party. We sat outside, and must I say. The outside view is what sets this place apart. I sat there, ate Mac and Cheese, drank beer with some of the coolest nerds I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


Can you ask for anything better than good beer, delicious food, and a super cool atmosphere? Oh, what was that? Adirondack chairs and personal fire pits? They got those. Most importantly, the amazing view of the Spokane River.

I also had my first date with my fiancée right outside at No-Li.

Their beer is more on the hoppy side, even the lighter ones. If you love IPA’s you will be happy here. The most popular is by far “Born & Raised.” It’s an IPA and comes in at a 7.0% on the alc/vol. Even though I have the sweatshirt, it is not my favorite one of all.


Poser, weighing in at 4.8%, is a pale ale with citrus hops and delightfulness. This one takes the cake for me. Like I said, their beers run on the hoppy side, so for me, this is a tame IPA. IPA’s are one of my favorites, so it’s was easy to find something to drink here

I would say this place is a MUST if you are in Spokane. Beer of all types for all the snobs out there, fantastic food, and an excellent atmosphere.

No-Li Brewhouse
1003 E Trent Ave #170- Spokane, Washington

Open for your beer and food pleasure every day from 11am-10pm.

I would highly suggest visiting in the late spring or a summer night. Sit outside. Outside does have a different food menu, however. If you are inside, get the mac and cheese. You will thank me.

Do yourself a favor, have a first, visit to No-Li Brewing.

Side note: All pictures in the article are from my personal collection. I gave credit to the one that was not my original.

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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