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Come to the dark side, we have stouts!

First question, what is a stout?

Technically speaking, a stout is a dark beer with complex flavors, roundness, and a type of roastiness, similar to coffee. Most people think that since the beer is dark, the ABV is going to be high. With stouts, the alcohol content is usually pretty low, ranging from 4.0-6.0 There are several types of stouts, all with different styles and tastes.


Dry Stout: (Guinness Extra Stout) Also knows as the Irish stout, the dry is usually dark brown to black in color. Malt with a dry coffee finish. Flavored occasionally with chocolates and carmels. ABV: 4-6% IBU: 30-45.

Imperial Stout: (Lagunitas Imperial Stout) Also known Russian Imperial Stout. Dark brown to jet black in color. Filled with roasted chocolate, cocoa, and coffee. Rich and complex flavors. American versions tend to be more hoppy. ABV:8-13% IBU: 50-100

Oatmeal Stout: (Sam Adams Oatmeal Stout) A stout that has a sweetness element more so than a dry stout. Brown to black in color. High flavors of oatmeal, coffee and milk chocolate. ABV: 4-6% IBU: 25-40

Sweet Stout: (Milk Stout Nitro) also known as the milk or cream stout. Named from the milk sugar or lactose to sweeten up the beer. Dark brown to black in color, and has more sweetness than any other stout. Can also have coffee and chocolate notes. ABV: 4.5-5.5% IBU:25-40

Also, there is a difference between Porters and Stouts. People think that they are the same, but they are actually quite different. For example, they are more bitter, and the taste of hops is really low.

Stouts are raising in popularity, especially those on nitro. It is great for the beer business as a whole, but not so great for Guinness. According to, since the rise of the stout, Gunniess’ sales have declined 50 million dollars, and they are considered to no longer be the stout.

Even with that decline, stouts aren’t going anywhere. Prepare to see them keep rising in the beer world, and see them on draft/cans/bottles everywhere.

Enjoy some stouts!

Until next time, beer snobs.

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