First Look: Charlize Theron is Cipher in ‘Fast 8’ Image

Charlize Theron is the new baddie in Fast 8, which is somehow managing to keep a stronghold on its franchise quality over the span of 8 (!) movies. Now, we have the first look at Theron’s villain Cipher, who looks like she means business standing next to all these guns:

Fast and Furious 8

And if the cache of weaponry wasn’t enough to show us Cipher isn’t messing around, she’s wearing a super-edgy Metallica vintage t shirt (that probably cost $200). I kid, she looks incredible as always, and judging from her work in Fury Road it’s clear she knows how to handle big-budget action spectacle. And boy is Fast 8¬†ever going to be a big-budget action spectacle.

There isn’t a synopsis yet, but we do the action is headed to New York City, and we know director F. Gary Gray is jumping on this train of souped up speedsters. Scott Eastwood is also joining the fray, probably as a sort of hunky white actor transition from the late Paul Walker.

Fast 8 hits theaters April 14, 2017.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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