Fede Alvarez Talks ‘Don’t Breathe 2’, ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel

Thanks to the massive success of Don’t Breathe this summer, Fede Alvarez has become even more of a hot commodity. Not only is the director attached to direct The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel, The Girl in The Spider’s Web, but now he is planning on a sequel to Don’t Breathe.

Alvarez spoke to Jacob Hall over at comingsoon.net about the two projects, and where they are with each. Regarding Don’t Breathe 2, Alvarez said “We just started, but we know exactly where it goes. But we won’t tell you right now. But there will be more Don’t Breathe for sure.”

As far as the more ambitious Girl in The Spider’s Web, he spoke about what they have working for and against them in getting this thing off the ground:

“Is it all true? Yeah, it’s true. We’re putting together the story right now. Obviously, there’s a book and there’s a script that’s great. Because we write everything I direct, we’re working on that part right now to make it our own and put our imprint in it so it feels like it’s part of our filmography.”

But are either of these things good ideas? Personally, I think Don’t Breathe is garbage, but I do see what excited audiences. Just not me. Regardless, even though a sequel was set up in the end, is there anything promising about the possibility of returning to that world? There is no way it will work as effectively as it did back in August.

As for The Girl in The Spider’s Web, this may be even more unnecessary. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was in 2011, was forgettable, for the most part, and the superior Swedish films have been around for a long time now. And I can’t imagine Rooney Mara would be back on board… why bother?

Whatever the case, Fede Alvarez is ready to get going, and for fans of his previous works (not me), that should be exciting. It would just be a little cooler if he branched out into more original stuff.

Don’t Breathe is out on DVD and blu-ray November 29.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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