‘Fantastic Four’ What Might Have Been B-Roll Footage

The Fantastic Four bombed at the box office this past weekend and even the director Josh Trank took a few shots at FOX for re-editing the film. Which makes it even more bizarre that FOX would release some of the b-roll footage which shows completely different scenes. You can see that there is some version of a flying car and you can also see that Johnny Storm looks to be severely injured during battle as Sue attends to him.


Hopefully FOX, in an attempt to recoup the $130 million invested in the film will release a directors cut so fans can see a true version of Trank’s vision.

'Fantastic Four' B-Roll: What could have been.

The more inside news that comes out about the making of the 'Fantastic Four,' the more is sounds like Josh Trank's vision was never realized. In the b-roll clips you can see the Fantastic-Car and the apparent death of Johnny Storm. It looks like the final battle might have been bigger and better if Trank was able to finish his film.

Posted by Monkeys Fighting Robots on Monday, August 10, 2015

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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