Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Team Up For Tech Thriller ‘The Circle’

Ema Watson has signed on to join Tom Hanks in the new tech thriller, The Circle. The film, which has been in development for many months, appears to finally have its cast together, with James Ponsoldt adapting the Dave Eggers novel.

The Circle deals with the current state of privacy and security, among many other hot topics. Watson will play Mae, an employee at a cutting exe technology company who ties together emails, social media pages, bank accounts and various other online accounts into one online identity for its clients. Hanks will play the company’s CEO. Naturally, the dark side of the endeavor at the company shines through.

Director Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) spoke to Variety about casting Emma Watson, saying ““Emma Watson is one of my favorite actors, and her incredible talent, sensitivity and deep intelligence will bring an electric energy to The Circle.”


Seeing Hanks take on a role that will potentially be dark and villainous will be a welcome change from his standard everyman hero roles. The Circle will begin shooting this fall.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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