MFR Joins ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Boycott For One Simple Reason: They’re Assholes

Assholes are everywhere, especially on the set of Universal’s latest movie! By now many of you have heard about a film from Universal called A Dog’s Purpose. If you haven’t, let me bring you up to speed. A Dog’s Purpose is based on a novel by W. Bruce Cameron and stars the voice of Josh Gad. It’s the story of a dog’s life, death, and reincarnation. Sounds cute, right? Unfortunately, a part of the creative team — the second unit to be exact — are assholes.

The film is set to release next Friday (January 27th, 2017) but you wouldn’t know it. Universal pulled promotions and press junkets, leaving the film with little exposure. Why? Behind the scenes video released by TMZ showed the second unit forcing a German Shepherd named Hercules to do a stunt it did not want to do. Crewmen are heard yelling “Cut it!” trying to stop the film as the dog is made to perform against its will.

The American Humane Association suspended their representative who was on set and is investigating further. But, a Care2 petition, along with PETA is trying to get Universal to donate proceeds from the film to animal protection groups. And the movie’s star, Josh Gad, released a statement regarding the flick.

I want to remind readers of two things. First, I love animals of all kinds, especially dogs. My furry friend, Commander Riker, means the world to me, so the thought of harm coming to him or forcing him to do anything against his will is gross. Second, I see the world in a very simple way: People are either assholes, or they’re not assholes.

So, on behalf of MFR, I’d like to say that the second unit team who worked on A Dog’s Purpose are 100%, USDA certified assholes.

For the sake of a shot they put a dog through hell. And the video might seem mild to some, but consider that animals don’t know what’s going on. They work on instinct, not rationalization, so when they fear it’s a deep-seated fear. They don’t “suck it up” or “get through it” they agonize. And for that, I say again, the second unit team are assholes and if Universal doesn’t do more to correct this, then they’re assholes too.


Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz
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