‘Doctor Sleep’: Warner Bros. Announce ‘The Shining’ Sequel

Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’ Headed To Big Screen

Warner Bros. has announced that Akiva Goldsman will be adapting King’s latest novel to a feature film. ‘Doctor Sleep‘ is a sequel to his classic novel ‘The Shining‘ as it follows Danny Torrance as he deals with the aftermath of the events in the Overlook Hotel. After spending his life as a drifter and alcoholic like his father, this time Danny finds comfortable in using his special abilities to help others. Obviously things take a turn for the worse when he meets a troubled young girl. The film is said to follow the plot but with the history of Stephen King adaptions, expect major changes to be made.

Goldsman is also a writer and producer on Sony’s adaptation of King’s The Dark Tower. I believe his connection with King’s work will make for a solid adaption. Also, Stephen King will be the executive producer of the project. After his much-talked about dislike of Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’, let’s hope he remains a key part of production so there is no issues this time around.

At the time of reporting, there is no director attached to the project. Warner Bros. has not confirmed a release date for the project as well.

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