Director Peyton Reed Talks ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’

Marvel’s Ant Man was a surprise hit of 2015. After the film’s release, a sequel was announced and then titled Ant Man and The Wasp. We had not gotten much news on the project, but today we have an interview by Moviefone with the director, Peyton Reed, where he discusses several aspects of the movie.

Reed discussed Giant Man and the Wasp’s debut:

“When I first found out — gosh, I don’t know, two years ago, a year-and-a-half ago — that “Civil War” was going to get the Giant-Man premiere, I was like “No!” But, now, I’ve since recovered, and we have a lot more in store for Scott Lang in this movie.

We get to see the Wasp debut — we’re all about the Wasp and Ant-Man. So I like it, because we spend a lot of time with our different writers and directors, and there’s a lot of crosstalk, and I love that.”

He then elaborated on his vision for the Wasp character:

“I’m just personally excited to get to introduce yet another character into the Marvel Universe. After Ant-Man, now we get to see Wasp, so really designing her look, the way she moves, the power set, and figuring out, sort of, who Hope van Dyne is as a hero — because we know her in a certain context in the first movie, but now she’s going to have her coming out party — that’s exciting!”

Lastly, the director talked about Scott Lang’s motivation, as well as the film’s tone:

“I think we like our little Ant-Man corner of the universe. Because it’s a whole different vibe tonally, but also just in terms of who Scott Lang, who Ant-Man is: he is a guy who is maybe not so sure he wants to be like this Avenger-style, full-on superhero.

He’s got a kid, and this is the inner conflict with him, and he’s very much just like a normal guy who has come into contact with some incredible power. So, we like that aspect of kind of like it being its own little corner of the universe.”

What are your thoughts from the director? Are you excited to see this sequel?

Ant-Man And The Wasp hits theatres on July 6, 2018.

Source: Heroic Hollywood.

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