David Koepp Talks Feminism in The New ‘Bride of Frankenstein’

Universal Studios is going full steam ahead into their monster-verse reboot. Tom Cruise’s The Mummy is first up, followed by Van Helsing, The Wolfman, a new Dracula, Frankenstein, a Johnny Depp-led Invisible Man (groan), hopefully a new Creature from The Black Lagoon somewhere along the way and, of course, a new take on the great Bride of Frankenstein.

David Koepp is in charge of the screenplay for the upcoming Bride of Frankenstein reboot, and he recently spoke to Steven Weintraub over at Collider about the feminist leanings for this character:

“I loved [the screenplay]. It’s one of my favorite scripts I’ve written in years because if you reimagine the Frankenstein story, it gets into so many issues of men trying to feel dominant over women. To create someone who then says, ‘You don’t own me,’ it becomes a tale of liberation. It was great. It was really fun, and I hope it gets going soon because I think it’d make for a great movie.”

It makes sense, given the recent uptick of strong female characters in franchise pictures. Not to mention the fact that the new Mummy is played by Star Trek Beyond‘s Sofia Boutella. These are great; men have dominated tentpole franchise pictures for too long, and tweaking the narrative of Bride of Frankenstein to give her more independence, or the gender of the mummy to freshen up the narrative, is appropriately progressive.

What concerns me is the direction of this entire Universal monster-verse. This is clearly going to be action heavy, weak on the horror, and I don’t really see a point in this. Didn’t we already have Brendan Fraser’s garbage Mummy movies turn the character and the story surrounding it into a weak Indiana Jones imitator?

I suppose we’ll see what happens next June, when The Mummy hits theaters. There’s no cast or release date for Bride of Frankenstein yet.

You can read more about David Koepp’s Bride of Frankenstein at Collider.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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