D23: New Details on Doctor Strange Revealed

Kevin Feige took to the stage at Disney’s D23 Expo earlier today and dished out a few new details on Marvel’s highly anticipated Doctor Strange live action adaptation. Feige started off the panel saying

“Today, 2015, I stand here, and we have now completed Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I want to say think you,” he said. “So the question is what am I going to talk about today. It seems to make sense … to talk about the beginnings of Phase 3.” And continued

“The first one I’m going to talk about today is Doctor Strange. The goal is to continue expanding what a comic book movie is, what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. The comics traverse these dimensions, and film by film, we try to do that in a cinematic way, Next year with Doctor Strange continuing to push the boundaries of that cinematic universe.”download (11)

Feige also confirmed that filming on Doctor Strange doesn’t begin until November, as well as Tilda Swinton’s casting as ‘The Ancient One” and Chiwatel Ejiofor as “Mordo”. Fans in attendance were treated to a very early concept art, which is described by Deadline as  “kind of great and makes Doctor Strange look like a cross between Inception and Krull”.

Benedict Cumberbatch who wasn’t in attendance appeared via a prerecorded video where he promised fans

“You’re gonna get girls, cars, explosions and astral projection.”

Marvel’s Doctor Strange will hit theaters on November 4 2016 and stars Cumberbatch as the titular hero.

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Majeed Sayibu
Majeed Sayibu
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