Cool Video: ‘First and Final Frames: Horror Edition’, by Jacob T. Swinney

Editor/filmmaker/video journalist Jacob T. Swinney has been putting together some interesting supercuts as of late. Recently, he showed us the first scene and the last scene of several dozen films, which show some interesting things. Those installments were split into two different episodes of his work on Vimeo.

Now, Swinney has released a horror-centric look at First and Final Frames. Much like the others, these first and last looks at a film show many different things. Some show an intentional symmetry, others show a sharp evolution (or devolution) of characters and situations. Some may even show no real resemblance one way or another, but they can evoke a certain emotional charge for those who remember the film. Some of these are debatable as horror films, but let’s not nitpick Swinney’s great work.

Here is Jacob T. Swinney’s evocative horror edition of First and Final Frames:

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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