Catherine Keener Joins ‘Sicario’ Sequel, ‘Soldado’

Catherine Keener, who is great in just about everything she does, has now joined Soldado, the sequel to last year’s Sicario.

According to The Playlist, Keener will be playing Josh Brolin’s (reprising his Sicario role) superior in the FBI:

“While not technically a sequel, “Soldado” will have many of the same characters and exist in the same world, but will be a standalone film in the series. Keener will play Brolin’s boss who struggles to figure out how to handle the not-so-legal tactics of Gillick and Graver.”

Benicio Del Toro (who should have been nominated) will also reprise his role in Soldado. Unfortunately Denis Villeneuve has been too busy – which, that’s the good part I suppose – to direct this one; on the plus side, Gommorah director Stefano Sollima has stepped in to direct. If you haven’t seen Gommorah, it’s definitely worth your time.

Let’s hope Catherine Keener’s role is more than just Tough Talking Superior Stuck In An Office Person. Soldado begins shooting early in 2017.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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