‘Bone Tomahawk’ Team Remaking ‘Puppet Master’

Bone Tomahawk screenwriter S. Craig Mahler, and distributor Caliber Media, are bringing a Puppet Master reboot to the masses. If you haven’t seen Bone Tomahawk yet, might I suggest doing that as quickly as human possible.

According to Variety, Caliber and Di Bonaventura Pictures are teaming up to reboot Puppet Master, the quirky 1989 horror that spawned a handful of increasingly unwatchable sequels. It’s an odd teaming for sure; Bone Tomahawk is a fantastic Western which transitions masterfully into a 19th Century gore-fest, but very little in it reminds me of Puppet Master. Like none of it.

“We couldn’t be more excited to take the series in a new direction while embracing all the practical effects and terrifying insanity that fans of the ‘Puppet Master’ films love,” Jack Heller, producer with Caliber Media, said when the announcement was made this weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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