‘Blade Runner 2’ Will Not Be A Sequel

Cinematographer Roger Deakins was out promoting his latest work Sicario and spoke to Screen Crush about what direction Blade Runner 2 will take.

“We’re just treating the new one as what it is; it’s an entirely separate movie that will stand by itself. I mean obviously it has elements that connect it to the original. But it’s going to stand alone by itself as a movie. And I’m not going to do shafts of light coming through a window with rain just for the sake of doing shafts of light and rain — although it was really superb the way it was done. No, you have to think about the script and approach it anew.” said Deakins.

The film stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Denis Villeneuve is directing with Ridley Scott exec producing. Written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, the Blade Runner sequel will take place several decades after the 1982 original, which took place in a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles.

Production for Blade Runner 2 is scheduled for 2016.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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