Cricketers Arms: Keeper’s Lager – A Keeper of a Review

Although technically no longer a craft brewery since being purchased by Asahi Premium Beverages in 2013, today I’m reviewing Keeper’s Lager from Cricketers Arms, the third and final beer in my Australian beer review series. Check here and here for my others.

Cricketers Arms’ website relates to visitors how the brewery started in 2009 as Paul Scott’s tribute to his cricket-playing father. But one wonders how this brewery’s mandate to honour friendships and celebrate communities has withstood the trials of three years of corporate ownership.

It seems that either Asahi owes a lot to Dermot O’Donnell, Cricketers Arms’ brewer, or the other way around. O’Donnell’s brews for Cricketers Arms received lots of attention at the 2016 Australian International Beer Awards. Among other wins, Keeper’s Lager received gold and bronze medals in the Australian Style Lager category.


I’m not sure whether Asahi’s corporate takeover has affected Cricketers Arms’ ability to celebrate communities, but it doesn’t seem that it’s affected Cricketers Arms’ ability to make good beer.

Now, quit handling the ball and join me in a post-match brew.

Cricketers Arms: Keeper’s Lager – First Sip

Keeper’s Lager pours a transparent golden colour. Its lively bubbles create a thin layer of foam around the rim of my half-pint glass. I smell lots of grain when I take my first sip: its aroma matches its flavour. Keeper’s Lager’s fizzy mouthfeel supports its subtle tart aftertaste, which helps Keeper’s Lager stand out from other easy-drinking lagers.

Cricketers Arms: Keeper’s Lager – Last Sip

This gold medal winning beer offers a relatively low 4.6% ABV. And, since it’s a lager you won’t miss much if you drink it from its 330-mL bottle.

Like the Asahi website suggests, seafood and fish are great companions of this beer. If you’re enjoying it in a pub, try it alongside some fish & chips. Or, if you’re anti-fish then try it with some guacamole and chips. Keeper’s Lager’s tart taste goes well with just about anything salty.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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