‘Batman v Superman’: The Misunderstood Masterpiece of 2016

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Never Has A Superhero Film Divided The Masses Like ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

I’ve spent the better half of 2016 defending ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The crusade isn’t easy, but it became fun. The whole debate makes me wonder, do I like the film because I notoriously love “bad” movies or is it pretty great?

In the end, I settled on the latter.

Batman v Superman‘ could be one of the best comic book movies of all time. Before you click away, let me defend myself a little.

Below, I will break down all the points that make me believe Zack Snyder’s polarizing 2016 DC Extended Universe movie is a masterpiece!

The Story & Themes:

The lack of morality within the characters leads to an interesting discussion of good vs. evil. Both Batman and Superman are “heroes” but blur the lines of what a superhero should be. Can you do seemingly bad things for the sake of good? That’s one of the most poignant themes of ‘Batman v Superman.’

Never before have we seen such a morose Superman. Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) either spends his time sadly doing good things or cuddling up to Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in a bathtub. Everything comic book fans have come to know and love about the character shifts. ‘Batman v Superman‘ explores what happens when the boy scout Superman of the 1970’s has to live in the cynical 2016. Every time Superman tries to do good things, people question him. The media is continuously shown in the film to be harshly divided on how they feel. The Senate even gets involved after he makes a move that affects foreign affairs.

The things Superman once believed in get tested like never before.

This is a reflection of our times and American pop culture. Instead of the overwhelming fanfare, Superman once got, it’s replaced with the martyrdom of a hero. It’s the delicate cycle of fame, and it never stops until it’s too late.

It isn’t until death that people see how amazing he is. Especially Batman.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) realized that Superman was a hero and a human during the infamous Martha scene, but after Superman’s death, he began to blame himself. Does that an excuse him for killing bad guys in this film? No, but I believe it sets in motion what will be an epic redemption arc for Batman.

More so than any character, Batman works in 2016. Bruce Wayne’s swagger allows him to blend while he still manages to be Batman. This dual personality fits into the landscape of today’s society. There’s something thought-provoking about seeing the public persona of a celebrity used as a front to hide darkness. Bruce Wayne has been doing it for years and the times have finally caught up with him.

The Stylistic Choices of Zack Snyder:

During ‘Batman v Superman,’ there’s the Zack Snyder trademarks including slow-motion and snap zooms. Using both in his hyper-stylized universe never takes away from the viewing experience. I remember in film school that zooms are taught to be an amateur or dated move. It seems like Snyder knows how to use them. There’s something progressive on how he teams with his cinematographer Larry Fong that translates to visual storytelling. The behind-the-camera choices made in the film are there to push the story forward and still be entertaining to look at.

Another signature Zack Snyder technique is the use of color within the movie. There’s a complexity to how Snyder and Fong bring color to the forefront of ‘Batman v Superman.’ The beauty of their work goes down to how both Batman and Superman are filmed. Most, if not all, of Batman’s scenes, are dark and grim. On the other hand, Superman is much brighter. Those filming choices change as the characters grow. By the end of the film, we see Batman fully illuminated while Superman is last seen shrouded in darkness. Cliched but there’s thought behind it.

Throughout the film, there is also references to classic works of art. Snyder sneaks in nods to 18th-century paintings like Gustave Doré’sParadise Lost and Cleon Peterson’sA Balance of Terror.” Rarely is there this level of art-minded filmmaking mixed into the world of superhero movies. Sometimes you can have style and substance.

The Comic Book Movie Black Sheep:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ reminds me of that weird cousin you have in your family that talks about conspiracies and loves being the downer. Unlike the super cool older brother that is Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, it doesn’t seem to match up. And then putting it next to cheery youthful Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, ‘Batman v Superman‘ looks like an emo teenager.

But that adds to the charm. It’s firmly in the middle as something you will take too seriously and not seriously enough. It has heavy dramatic tones and political messages but isn’t afraid of comic book campiness.

I think a great physical example of this film is the black sheep of the superhero movie family is the character of Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg). The over-the-top, neurotic, millennial Lex Luthor feels ripped right out of Silicon Valley. I talked about fitting into 2016, but the character of Lex is dramatically changed to work in 2016. The villains of today aren’t these big hulking bullies but the repressed weirdos who can finally take out their revenge on “God.”

Final Thoughts:

If you are firmly against ‘Batman v Superman,’ then I was never going to change your mind. But if you were ever on the fence about it, my hope is this op-ed would help show you a different side to the film.

The movie isn’t perfect, but that’s the beauty of it to me. They were never going for a seamless piece; it needed to be a little rough around the edges. Other brands worry about streamlined movies, but this showed that the DCEU isn’t afraid to get messy. Will Zack Snyder give into the critical & fan demands for ‘Justice League‘ or will the film continue this engrossing world he’s started?

Whether you love or hate Zack Snyder’sBatman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,’ let me know how you feel in the comments!

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  1. You talk, at length, about the weighty questions of morality that are addressed in this movie. That’s the problem. See, I don’t turn to Batman or Superman or The Hulk to help me wrestle with weighty, philosophical issues. There is a WEALTH of magnificent literature available to address such issues. If that’s what I’m looking for then I can grab Mark Twain or Robert Heinlein or Ayn Rand or any of hundreds of other excellent authors who will help me explore these issues in far greater depth than a comic book can. I turn to comic book heroes for ESCAPE from reality! I want the good guys good and the bad guys bad. The bad guys ALWAYS lose, no exceptions. And the bad guys are so pathetic and over-matched that’s it’s a joy to watch them lose. Deep philosophical examinations from Bruce Wayne I DON’T need!

  2. I thought it was all right. I agree with your take on Superman. He’s trying to do good, but today’s world is so cynical. The biggest problem I had with it was that Snyder tried to cram too many plots into one movie. We got the Superman: Doomsday story, the Dark Knight Returns story, and the beginnings of the Justice League story. It was too much for me to truly enjoy it.

  3. At last somebody gets it. Bv S is a big, complex movie of epic scope! Civil War was a made for tv movie with a budget that made it into theaters that only satisfied marvel zombies who overlooked multiple flaws like why does Bucky need to steal a motorcycle if he can outrun cars or since when can Cap kick a truck and move it 7 feet??? Pitiful pablum for pathetic Fanboys.

    • Those are minor flaws compared to the flaws in BvS. BvS wasn’t as big in scope or as complex as you fanboys think it is. Mind you Civil War was flawed and not the best MCU movie but it was still better than the abysmal BvS.

  4. It wasn’t ‘misunderstood’. It sucked. Everything from casting to tone was 100%, unequivocally, objectively, terrible.

  5. I found this article reading a random image with an idea of what could it be. Batman vs supermn it’s a masterpiece extremely complicated to understand and rarely analized autside of the fandom critique that leade the 2016 period od dc properties destruction that made any fan with n opinion a cetified writer. I´ve been writing for more than 20 years, and reading literature in many languages, of course comic boks and manga are pieces of art of their own realm. And adaptations are so complicated to make due to the complexity of a character. The real reflexion here it’s that a grat movie can be damaged by some critique, but after a while it can become a misunderstud film. if many movies froma a ame brand are critiqued by hate and lack of respect ity becomes an atack to the industry itself, and doesn’t aloud to the real interested viewers to see the future proyects tht can be made. Last year every movie called under the mark od DCEU was attacked, but before that every movie that come from warner was loved. The fact that the people can’t aloud themselves to let go the way of entertainment of a different group, makes enemies of anyone that attack the industry and the brands that some of us loved. I loved many marvel movies and hate some others like iron man 3, and thor the dark world, I found lackin in so many merits of story telling, and being so dissapointed of noticing the ripping of by captain américa 3 from batman v superman, that makes me feel very sorry for the fans that didn’t noticed the extreme similarities between both and coudn’t tell the fact the BvS came before with the same story telling. Now Their trying to attack wonder woman and the justice league, and I hope the real movie lovers that doesn’t care about the oppinion of anyone,and have their own personalities come and defend the films and support the DCEU that its greedy, dark, unapologetic, and rises the bar.

  6. Just saw the film yesterday for the fourth time. I find it different, edgy, dark, entertaining and raw. An amaizing piece of filmmaking! Znyder knows his stuff. Cant wait for Justice League.

  7. Dawn of justice is a movie that should’ve come a decade ago. This generation has so little attention span and patience(oh this includes those “critics” *eyeroll* too) to really get involved in a wonderful story told in a way not reminiscent of the cheesy and infuriating one liners in other movies that have stereotyped this genre. I rate this movie as the second best movie after the legendary Dark Knight in 2008. No movie of the last 5 years comes close to its sheer brilliance. Its like watching a comic book come to life. Those who have read Frank Miller comics will understand the pace of the movie perfectly.
    I just hope that they dont listen to these dumb brainless and idiotic “critics” to “tone down” justice league. Please dont make a fucking bullshit joke of a movie like marvel has been doing of late. Keep up the amazing work DC. Waiting for wonder woman and justice league.

  8. This movie is brilliant! Don’t care what some critics and people say. There are dozens of fans that like this movie, not saying every single one but you get the idea. People need to stop judging people’s opinions about the movie.

  9. Thanks for article. Swear people watched different movie. “Martha” scene dies make sense. Very last word his Father uttered was Martha. Seeing your Parents murdered in front of you would scar any chilld. And then to have your partner (Robin) murdered too?!

    Lex knew of the “meta humans”. He was using this knowledge to his pyschotic advantage.

    The movie requires your full attention (dialogue). Unlike some other Superhero movies.

  10. whats the name of the painting in lex house,which he said would have been better its upsidw down in the scene where he tells the senator about the oldest lie

  11. Personally, the theatrical version was awful. It was riddled with plot holes. The Ultimate Edition, however, was a big improvement. It's like a completely different movie. I do have my issues with it. As an avid comic book fan, I have expectations, I know that movies will never follow the comic book directly, but the differences in this movie bother me. First off, I *hate* that they drew inspiration from Frank Miller's Batman. Affleck is an awesome Batman. My main problem is with his character's age, Ben Affleck is young enough to pass for early to mid 30's. I hate the age difference. It's like starting a marathon with a 50 year old vs a 33 year old. Jared Leto is awful. And I pray to God they don't have the Carrie Kelley version of Robin the "boy" wonder in the Batfleck film. All of the actors did a fine job with the exception of Jessie Einsenberg (that could be a typo), I love this guy, just not as Lex Luther.

  12. Great! This movie is great! thank you. You got the point of the movie too. There is a lot more in this movie to appreciate.

  13. MARTHA! !Save Martha!! A Poorly executed good idea is still terrible. And that’s what BvS is. A poorly executed good idea. So much of what you wrote is a lot of projection on your part. You there were seeds that were planted and never allowed to grow, you just chose to grow them out in your mind and then confused that with what was in the actual movie. Well sorry; some of us love to see a well executed story and BvS is not

  14. I love how Superman is so moronic that he never hears of Batman /the Gotham Bat until he’s 34 years old. Was it because he wandered around like a homeless Emo lumberjack and never read a newspaper? The Clarks abused him by never letting h watch TV or listen to a radio?

    A guy who fights day glo crinals for twenty years and shines a gigantic Bat Signal on a major city is not Bigfoot. What ,did Commissioner Gordon light sparklers in a rainy parking lot behind a darkened 7-11?

    The film isn’t misunderstood. It simply contains versions of DC icons suffering from “assholism”.

    Snyder is an arrogant Ayn Rand worshipping idiot.

    P.s. Jessie Eisenberg read for Jimmy Olsen. Just knowing that Snyder and his Wife (seriously WHY is she a Producer?) decided he should play Luthor when he read for a different character is a prime example of a Director who likes things that look ” cool”.

    Even though Cranston wanted the Luthor part (yeah, THAT guy) the Snyders didn’t even call him to audition.

    Calling this film arthouse is a complete joke.

    • Oh my god, that makes so much sense. Like, how am I supposed to care that Superman and Batman are hurting regular old human beings but then the Senate gets blown up and it only matters that hey maybe Superman did it? There’s not even an afterthought given to how much that would fuck up everything. No, what’s really important is that a guy Batman knew was there, not, you know, democracy.

  15. BvS is one of the best superheros films ever.
    Everything about it was so damn good that I started wondering while I was watching it: if there’s any flaws in it.
    But then it happened.. just one minor flaw, and that is regarding the mail scene that teased Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg.
    It felt like it was a teaser trailer pushed into the movie. They were a lot of other ways to introduce new characters to the DCEU, but that mail scene was certainly not a very good move.
    WW’s introduction on the other hand, while kinda mysterious, was spot on. And the character itself was well played by the beautiful Gal Gadot.
    And we cannot possibly talk about BvS without raising the hat for Ben’s performance as Batman. The guy killed it (both figuratively and literally).

  16. It’s articles like this, defending worthless crap like Batman v Superman, that are allowing these poorly made movies to continue to be made. The movie is stupid, for no good reason than the people making it are stupid. Superman framed for shooting people? Stupid. Batman having precognitive powers? Stupid. Luthor literally finding the members of the Justice League and naming them? Stupid. The list is as long as the movie. Quit defending this garbage as clickbait. Make DC movies better….By not accepting and endorsing idiocy.

    • Of course it’s stupid with that reading. But that is not what Lex was trying to do. He was trying to instigate (through media and politics) a negative public sentiment on the “idea” of Superman as a hero. That’s why Lexus pays the African Lady that say “If I could talk to Superman, I’don’t ask him how he decides which lives count and which ones do not?”. Also in the end Lex says “The camera’so are waiting at the ship to see the holes in the unholy”. He trying to sway the public sentiment into hating Superman to justify his the murder of a public Hero (A potential tyrant like his father).

      I think the movie is alienating to people who watch the movie solely with a comics fan’site expectations. This movie is a political drama movie masterpiece with superheroes in it. Superman = Demoratic America, Batman = Republican America and Lex = Lobbyist/Special Interest groups that stand in the way of common sense resolutions to the issues of America.

      The movie is an Allegory that understands America and Superhero mythology in so esoteric of a fashion it’s almost unfair to the audience it was marketed to.

  17. Are we really justifying messy movies that are rough around the edges aND leave a bunch if grey areas?

    Marvel maybe kiddy but at least they try to we’ll round their stories.

    And to those who say it was better after watching the extended cut – every movie that has an extended cut is.

    Great characters packed and introduced into one two hour movie, two villian with so much depth they could make 4 more films starring either one of them, 2 self entitled endlessly brooding characters, so many dream sequences we had to double check to make sure they were all actually dreams.

    Giant mess. I snoozed through most of it. It is complete fanboy gawk porn with little substance. Fortunately this movie has one insanely good aspect- Ben affleck is the Bruce Wayne we’ve been waiting almost 40 years for. He looks walks and talks like Bruce Wayne and he had the best batman fight scene by a longshot. If it weren’t for affleck I’m sure no one would like it.

  18. Thank you for this article. I think that these films — specifically _Man of Steel_ and _Batman v Superman_ — will actually stand the test of time and become more appreciated as time goes by. Not many were willing to give this alternative view of the genre a chance. It definitely had flaws, but none were fatal. Cavill’s Superman is a complex character having to deal with a cynical world. Superman is an anachronism — an impossibility in today’s world. There is no way such a figure would ever be accepted. Instead of turning away from that fact, Snyder deals with it head on, and gives us the superhero franchise we need. No shade thrown on Marvel, which does a great job with the brigher blockbuster, but for those of us who find the Marvel films to be a slightly fluffy guilty pleasure, DC gives something with substance. _Man of Steel_ and _Batman v Superman_ were challenging, complex, and ultimately rewarding films.

  19. Oh come on! If a good kernel of a story and potentially interesting dilemmas that characters might face was all it took to make a movie a “masterpiece”, “Hollow Man” (2000 with Kevin Bacon) would be a “masterpiece”. BvS was a waste of time for most people, and it gets worse every time they watch it.

    Who bought into the lame excuse for Superman to be vilified by the Holly Hunter for shooting (with heat vision? no. with bullets) villagers in Africa, and blamed by Bruce Wayne for all the death and destruction in Metropolis? What kind of emotional defect lets Batman plan the assassination of Superman then do a neck breaking 180 at the utterance of 2 syllables, mahr-thuh? Come on!!! Batman and Superman have the slowest comprehension and reaction times I’ve ever seen.

    Bad guy: “Hey Superman! When I push this button, something earth shattering is going to happen.”

    Superman: “Oh yah? I don’t want to act on what you threaten to do, so I’ll wait until you actually press the button and see what happens.”

    Bad guy: “Aren’t you gonna use your x-ray vision to analyze the button?”

    Superman: “Nope. That might be an invasion of your privacy. I’ll wait.”

    Bad guy: “Okay. Here I go… I’m gonna press it.”

    Superman: “Waiting sweetheart. Just waiting.”

    Every scene can be torn apart as pointless, preposterous, illogical, and many other adjectives that pile up in no time to ruin the movie from start to finish. Name a scene and I’ll tell you why it doesn’t work.

    • Thank you. I just saw this last night and it was just difficult to watch Batman be an angry asshole for nearly 3 hours. Everything telegraphed Superman’s goodness, because he had parents instead of money. He had a job, he had a girlfriend, he goes before the senate when he’s subpoenaed… meanwhile, Bateman works out in a basement with his bestie who is also an employee, grabs girls at parties who don’t want to talk to him and Lex steals their pictures and has a rage baby with a spaceship.

      Kind of a good metaphor for 2016 but an awful awful movie.

  20. This movie gets better with every single viewing. Still boggles my mind how nuanced and accurate it is in terms of how superheroes will be treated by the world today.
    Man of steel is my personal favorite because I’m a superman fan but there’s no question in my mind that this is the greatest CBM ever made.

  21. In brief, I love your take on BvS. However, it still doesn’t take away a few things;
    1. The plot contained too much. The movie could’ve benefited with lesser elements but with depth of course.
    2. The full character of Doomsday is an entire movie or huge event in itself. The adaptation of Doomsday in this film does not do it justice.
    3. Showing Batman cross the line removes the possibility of an Injustice arc; but mostly, the general audience has never seen the usual themes of Batman and Superman together wherein it is Batman that gives Superman his reality check. These are classics.

  22. I personally loved the movie. It was a mature movie for adults. I love the Marvel movies but they’re clearly for kids…

  23. Anyone who calls Batman v Superman a “masterpiece” has to be high on drugs. Seriously a masterpiece?

    The DC Fanboys are still trying to call this drivel a a misunderstood movie. It isn’t, it’s just not a good movie. Give me a marvel movie that has cohesive storytelling than BvS any day of the week

      • He can’t. Anyone who says the movie ” is not cohesive ” probably only said it because they heard one critique (who probably was not paying attention to the movie) say it and ran off with it. They never show proof to back up anything. And if they try its always something subjective/ personal rather than critical and objective.

  24. Fans who take the time for meaningful examination have been using the term art house masterpiece for a while now.
    Great article, I hope it opens some closed off minds to realize comic book film making does not have to be a juvenile avocation as what has been presented to us in every year before 2013.

  25. Marvel has gone for the clever trevor. It’s a super hero, so you can’t be serious with it. DC is more serious, why not? You should be able to appreciate both but there you go.

  26. Well, I agree that the extended edition is a pretty good movie. I think that Jesse’s portrayal of Lex Luthor drags the film down a bit, though.

    Interesting article.

  27. Nothing you type can minipulate me. This movie is still a morbid slow burner delivered with depression and thuggish sentiment.

    Still a one star.

    Glad it took you this long to feel otherwise, shame it took that long. More of a shame is I love superman too much to even entertain warner bros and Snyders take, and I’m glad GJ and DC films have stepped into salvage what’s left of the characters, they clearly feel the same way i do.

  28. Good article with a solid perspective. I personally find the critique that Superman needs to be more ‘fun’ (I feel it is) and that it needed to be campy tiring – as if the critics had missed the point. This line of movies tackle the question of how these beings would interact in today’s modern society with all it’s conflicts and uncertainties. We are (and should be) a long way from ‘able to leap over a tall building on a single bound’ as the wow factor, and the moral perfection of comic books, where good vs evil is the only motif (full disclosure, I am not a reader of the comic books – so I may be wrong about this)

    Critics complain about the dark / serious aspects of these movies. Well, most good stories are about conflict, and conflict has evolved in modern storytelling. I find this line of plot far more interesting than the Christopher Reeve characterization of Superman. This is an exercise in how fantasy would fit in our world, and I for one found it very entertaining and hope Snyder maintains the theme. I am not saying there were not some head-scratching moments… but overall a very, very decent effort.

  29. I enjoyed your analysis. I rewatched it a few days ago and realized how great it really is. I think viewing the movie in IMAX 3D can be overwhelming and much of the plot and character development is eclipsed. Nolan’s trilogy is a different animal and people need to stop complaining about how it BvS:DoJ doesn’t measure up to it. For all things on heaven and earth, it’s two completely different artistic interpretations of American pop culture icons. Not only that, but I would add to your piece one more angle. Zach Snyder had to fit three different legendary characters into one film. As if Batman and Superman aren’t colossal enough, Wonder Woman needed time to breath amidst the posturing and punching. BvS:DoJ is a dynamic spectacle film, but that doesn’t mean it is any less profound. I am not a philistine. I watch a wide variety of films and am working on submitting two articles for cinema and pop culture journals. BvS:DoJ stands up to repeated viewings and has become a cult hit.

  30. This was the greatest comic book movie ever made….
    Only comic book movie that brought a tear to my eye I think…

    But there was one problem that alienated all the fans, and that is at no point was the violence light hearted or enjoyable. While the characterizations were the best of Frank Miller and I would argue Grant Morrison, the realism of the violence was… shall I say responsible?
    Why would anyone find the two greatest champions for good… to be anything other than a gut punch that you just want to cry “NO” all the way through the movie.
    Heroes fighting each other should suck.
    And Snyder made just that.
    You asked for it, he gave it to you the way it would make you think.
    Now let’s go fight some bad people.
    Let the heroes be heroes.

  31. This movie is fantastic. I find something new every time I watch.

    The comment above actS like Civil War is superior when 90% of that movie is manufactured false feelings. Cap and Stark were never friends. Stark never cared about anyone but himself for 5 movies prior. Yet people act like its a better film when it is essentially… On the surface the same film as BvS, just done poorly.

    Snyder has a way of shooting films that is visually pleasing and while the story has It’s flaws the message is deep and thought provoking.

    How would todays worls react to a God like man? How would a over the hill vigilante treat this being?

    This movie is easily top 3 comic book movie of all time. People just need to take off those damn Marvel glasses and realize this.

    • Ok, it is respectable that you don’t like Civil War, but don’t say things that are false.
      Your opinion isn’t the only valid. If people think that CW is better than BvS, is because have good reasons.
      Yes, people don’t “act”, they “think”.

  32. I totally agree. Movies that place all their efforts on pleasing everybody are often boring and childish. I preffer a complex, innovating DC movie every 2 years than 6 boring childish marvel per year.

    • Ehh… Marvel has 2 movies by year, and from next year, 3 movies, but not 6. There aren’t boring childish movies, but very good, original and funny movies, some of them are excellent and have a great and worked script.
      Sorry, although that disturb you, is the truth.

      • Your opinion is false. Sorry. They’re not original, they’re slightly funny, but they are so damn mundane and repetitive.

      • The first three D.C. Movies made have made more than the first three movies Marvel made. D.C. Is for adults than can grasp the complexity laid out in the article above, that is what makes it so brilliant. While Marvel movies are entertaining, they will never come close to what a D.C. movie is, a masterpiece.

        • Pfft, a masterpiece? My ass. DC is for edgy teens that think placing all that philosophical bullshit makes a movie an adult masterpiece.

        • That’s actually Ironic because DC films try to be dark and edgy in the most childish ways possible.

  33. I agree with you. The blending of these characters and the pact of social media.made this a great film. I enjoyed it more than any of the previous films and am looking forward to the next film. I think many fans get caught up in the way it should be based on the comics. I understand that but to include the real world in this film made it more believable and appealing to me. Thanks for the article I enjoyed it.

  34. Thanks God that journalists like you still exist.Batman v Superman was a very good movie and for sure it didn’t deserve those harsh critics.

    • I couldn’t agree any more. Seems like whatever you do you just can’t please anyone these days. I like the dark, gritty, more mature attitude and feeling of DC movies. And any real Batman fan would be a liar if they said that they didn’t get excited when they saw Batman brutally and ruthlessly beating foes to a pulp,

      • This movie not being that popular is a point to its magnificent manufacturing. Not all people has even enough attention span to get the best films. Or they do but they surrender easily.

  35. You started the article with “could be”, everything after that was pointless. This article, along with Batman V Superman, was a waste of my time. Zack Snyder, unlike the superior Scott Snyder, has now ventured into Michael Bay Territory will slow mo, explosions and ungodly filters.
    I am glad I tried to read this thinking there was a shrine of light, that someone could convince me that this movie was good, but I was wrong. If i want to watch a hero vs hero movie, I’ll watch the superior Captain America: Civil War.

    • Civil War is pretty boring with not much in-depth theme to it. It has funny moments, but overall it’s extremely underwhelming. Say what you will about BvS but at least the themes were interesting? The most important and forgotten is that man can be good. Civil War doesn’t have any decent them to it. Just very repetitive action scenes that never seem to differ from the previous movies. Yawn. You can take your false opinion and keep it tomyourself like you should. Generally I’m in favor of free speech, but if there was ever an argument against it, your comment would be a prime example.

      • The problem with all the DC movies is that the themes are interesting but the execution is pretty horrific. Really what makes DC shine are the villains. They make the heroes shine. This is different than Marvel where villains are not important.

        However, Zach snyder hasn’t been able to make any villain really have their moment. Instead of more creatively using Lex Luthor, they shoved doomsday into the movie. There are so many more interesting ways that Lex Luthor could have manipulated the situation. Doomsday felt like a villain was just dropped on the scene. Then we talk about the horrible switches between scenes that made me feel like I had to have adhd to actually make it through the movie. Most people didn’t understand why all of a sudden Batman is shooting people.

        For DC, less is more. They have great material to use. But they need to slow it down.

        • Did you watch Man of Steel? I don’t think so, because if you can’t see how Zod’s arrival helps to birth Superman than I won’t even venture into how Lex’s machinations drive Batman to being a better person and Superman to fulfilling Jon Kent’s dream for him.

      • it was a terrible movie. It can be proven mathematically. Im sorry that you are so butthurt that people point out that you like a terrible movie. Talking bad about a good movie isnt going to make the bad one you like any better. Sorry you like a terrible movie. live with it and stop attacking people over their opinions.

        • What the hell? You cannot prove Man of Steel is a terrible movie mathematically. You can never prove a movie is terrible objectively. There is no clear standards about how a movie is judge. So please, stop. Second, if you are going to say “It was a terrible movie”, then please do explain why. You just sound like a hater otherwise.

          • Yes, there is clear standards to decide if a movie is bad, moron. It’s called “filmmaking.” How was the film made and how well did it execute what it set out to do! There is an obvious way to tell if a movie is bad. For example, Batman v. Superman was bad because:
            – boring/flat characters (Superman, Lois Lane)
            – Lois Lane storyline goes nowhere and is completely pointless to the film. Yet, it’s here anyway.
            – the storyline is just dull and uninteresting really. I’m all for a movie trying to tell a plot that isn’t just a simple “bad guy wants to take over the world,” I want something that tries to be more. So I was into the idea that it wasn’t trying to be something like that, but it’s just executed badly and it comes out dull.
            – some bad acting (Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg)
            – The film’s pacing is awful.
            – The dialogue is bad.
            – Wonder Woman is there to be a Deus Ex Machina.
            – Generic, bloated CGI monster fight ending
            – Batman fights Superman because he thinks he can destroy the planet. Superman fights Batman….because “complex plot.” He didn’t just say, “Hey, my mom is in trouble I need your help.” (Also, who calls their mom by their first name like that? It’s not like he calls his mom Martha all the time, he’s called her mom no problem. Why all the sudden you say “Martha?” But that is a nitpick)
            – Lex unleashes Doomsday to kill Superman in case Batman doesn’t. If they couldn’t kill Doomsday, then what? You have the same problem just worse.
            – Why does Batman not do any research on Clark? He just wants to kill him to keep the planet safe, but doesn’t try to talk with Superman, figure out what kind of guy Superman is, or just do, any research besides information on kryptonite Lex has.
            – Why does Batman chase Lex’s cargo in a batmobile chase scene where he kills several goons, when he put a tracker on the truck and could of just snuck into wherever it was going (which he ends up doing later in the movie so WTF)
            – Why does Batman kill people? (Don’t reference any comics or anything not present in this film. Imagine you have never heard of Batman or any of the loire.) They never mention why he does what he does, it’s only inferred by comic book readers as to why he does what he does. But never mentioned in the film (don’t need a big, exposition filled description, just something given in the film to be a reason why he kills, or why he even still does the Batman thing anyway).
            – Why does Superman always know where Lois is and always manages to save her, however he doesn’t know where his own mother is at?
            – Lois and Clark have an underdeveloped love story. There isn’t one indicator that proves that they even like each other. She didn’t tell people his story in Man of Steel, big whoop. That’s a nice thing someone did, doesn’t mean she obviously loves the guy. There is nothing the two do that show that they like each other. They both never develop their characters or their relationship to where the audience doesn’t give two shits about them.
            – Superman always looks depressed and is not Superman. He acts like all he wants is some recognition for doing good things, which is not a Superman characteristic at all. Superman is suppose to be a good and humble person, always doing the right thing no matter what. This Superman gets depressed when some people say mean things about him, but he looks even more depressed when people are praising him like his father said they would (look at the Mexico scene with the people putting their hands on him).
            – Bruce Wayne stumbles into a private server room at Lex’s house and the ONLY SECURITY there is a woman saying “hey you can’t be in here.” To which Bruce acts stupid, and the lady just leaves and assumes he will leave to. Really? You’d just walk away and let him stay in there?
            – The Dream sequences. Pointless and nothing more than to just give fan service and set up future films. It adds nothing to the movie and here’s why. It’s a DREAM! If Bruce Wayne, the world’s greatest detective, makes a decision on whether or not he should kill someone based on a dream he had about him taking over the world, he’s a bigger idiot than I thought. As for the Flash premonition, how does he know that’s real? How does he know it isn’t a part of the dream maybe? And why would he trust some weird thing he might or might not of saw?
            – How does Lex make Doomsday? It involves pouring his blood on Zod’s face and putting him in a Kryptonian ship? How does that equal Doomsday?
            – Why does Lex need Zod’s body from the government guy? He already experimented on the body when he found out that kryponite affected the blood cells. Why would he need to persuade the government guy that he needed it if he already had it?
            – The Jolly Rancher thing. Stupid.
            – Why would they send a journalist/reporter (Lois) to Africa to talk to some terrorist leader? And why would they put the tracker in the camera!? The most obvious spot for a tracker is where they decide to hide the tracker. And the guy gets killed for it. Oh, by the way, that’s Jimmy Olsen. Surprise. Snyder said that’s his way of “having fun with the character.” What’s next? Batman gets raped in prison (Oh wait, Snyder actually said he would’ve done that if he directed The Dark Knight Rises. Great job Zack, you really are a visionary.)
            – Why do people think Superman shot and killed the people in Africa? I guess they didn’t know Superman used guns.
            – Why would Lex Luthor privately create and distribute ammunition to terrorist organizations? Ammunition that could be pinned back to him? Why not just regular ammunition?
            – Lex Luthor hates anything resembling a God, or anything with unlimited power basically. Then why does he create Doomsday? The most powerful being. Why would he create something like that? Why would he not just shoot Superman with a kryptonite bullet or something like that? Boom. Problem solved.
            – Why does Superman sacrifice himself to kill Doomsday when Wonder Woman could’ve done it as well? Was it to prove himself to the people?
            – Why would the people automatically love Superman now? It’s a repeat of what happened in Man of Steel except he died in this one. Now all the sudden people feel like he’s accepted this time. I could see them more like “Thank God that’s over with, back to our normal lives.”
            – Why does Batman place the spear so far away from him when he fights with Superman? It was pretty convenient that Superman fought with him in the general direction of where he wanted him to go.
            – How did Batman not get injured during the fight? He is thrown through a building, pushed down several stories, thrown through stalls. How does he walk out without a scratch, besides a torn up helmet?
            – Batman kills hundreds of goons and henchmen but decides to not kill Luthor or even brand him. I get it, he’s suppose to be a changed man. But that didn’t stop him from killing the henchmen after he had that whole Martha epiphany moment. No consistency.
            – Also, to respond to what the author of the article said about color use, what movie did you see? The colors are muted in this film. What bright colors did you see when Superman was on screen? I didn’t see it. His character was on par with Batman’s which isn’t Superman at all.

            Bam. There’s several reasons why I didn’t find this movie to be good. Not because I don’t get it or couldn’t see the ambition there. But because it’s a poorly made movie. Plain and simple. You fanboys act like you guys discovered the wheel, and that movie critics are just stupid and don’t understand a complex movie when they see one. Complex movies are movies like Inception, Enemy, Primer, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brazil, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Stalker, Don’t Look Now, etc. Most critics know what they’re talking about, they see hundreds of movies a year and their job is to think about them and critique how well they were done. This isn’t a complex movie. It’s complex in how bad it tells its story.
            Just for the record, I don’t hate this film. I just think it’s meh. It is definitely not a masterpiece, I doubt there is any out there. It’s not some complex superhero movie, you want to see a complex superhero movie, go watch Unbreakable. This is no Unbreakable, if anything, I relate this to The Amazing Spider-man 2, and who knows, there’s probably comic book fanboys defending that boring movie and calling it Citizen Kane as well for all I know.

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