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The Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped this morning, and it’s all the internet is talking about. Today will be full of breakdowns, and reaction pieces, but first let me ask you a question: who is that in the Hulkbuster armor?

Avengers Infinity War hulkbuster

The easy answer is Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, but my gut is telling me it’s not that simple. The Hulkbuster is in Wakanda, and we never actually see Tony in Wakanda in this trailer. He’s chilling back in New York with Doctor Strange and Spider-Man while Cap’s underground Avengers hang with Black Panther.

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Now obviously Tony could go to Wakanda at some point, but the trailer does show us another genius else tinkering with the armor…

avengers infinity war

That’s right, put your tinfoil hats on, cause I’m thinking that Bruce Banner is the one throwing down in “Veronica“.

Think about it. The last time we see Bruce is in Thor: Ragnarok after he’s been Hulk for over two years. He’s terrified to ever turn into Hulk again for fear that he won’t be able to turn back. He eventually did Hulk-out in that film, and as we see in the trailer he does revert to puny Banner in Infinity War, but why would he tempt fate twice?

It’s likely that, once the war hits Wakanda, Banner wants to join the fray but is again afraid to go green. Since he helped build the Mark 44 armor, he probably has a good understanding of how to work it, so he suits up.

Obviously he does turn into Hulk at some point since we see the Jolly Green Giant at the end of the trailer, but that doesn’t negate the possibility that he puts on the armor in the film’s first half.

What do you think? Is puny Banner in the Hulkbuster, or Tony? Or could it be someone else? Sound off in the comments, and keep it tuned to Monkeys Fighting Robots for continuing Infinity War coverage!

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