Artist Accuses 20th Century Fox Of Stealing His Artwork

At San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are one of the biggest draws to the convention. 20th Century Fox decided to cash in on this by offering a limited-edition Dazzler album cover to the first people that pre-order the X-Men: Apocalypse bluray at their booth. The cover is from a deleted scene in the movie where Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Jubilee, and Nightcrawler go to the mall for an 80’s montage.

X-Men Apocalypse Dazzler

However, it appears that the art used on that cover might be yet another case of studios stealing art off of the internet without credit or permission from the original artist. Artist Bill Sienkiewicz accused the studio on twitter of using his art without permission or notification on the album covers.


20th Century Fox did not even use a high quality image for the picture which indicates they most likely stole it off of google.

At the moment this is just a rumor and we attempted to reach out to Sienkiewicz via social media we did not receive a response. We also attempted to reach out to 20th Century Fox via social media and have not received a response at this time.

Kaitlyn Booth
Kaitlyn Booth
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