Arnold Schwarzenegger Getting Dramatic Again With ‘478’

After his slew of franchise sequels headed to theaters, Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again try his hand at serious, action-less dramatic acting with the film 478.

Deadline broke the news earlier today, saying Darren Aronofsky’s production studio, Protozoa, is fronting 478, from a script written by Javier Gullon (Enemy) and the idea is to begin filming this fall. No director is attached as of yet, but wouldn’t it be an interesting pairing¬†between Schwarzenegger and Aronofsky?

The film focuses on Schwarzenegger’s character, who wife and child die in a plane crash. The crash is pinned on an air traffic controller who is vilified in the public eye and taken into protective¬†custody. Arnold’s character refuses to forgive the man and seeks vengeance.

478 sounds like a standard revenge action film on paper, but it is reportedly anything but standard action fare for Arnold Schwarzenegger. With Terminator: Genisys opening next week, a Twins sequel, and another Conan film coming down the pipe, it’s nice to see Schwarzenegger test his range after he showed compelling, subtle skills in the intimate zombie drama Maggie. There was plenty to his performance in that film, and hopefully 478 will be an even stronger picture where he can flex his acting muscles instead of his biceps.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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